Two broken hearts, one faithful Father

Rachel Jones | April 26th 2017

It has been such a joy to have stories of God’s faithfulness popping into my inbox over the last couple of months. Here are just two... continue reading


Friday Quiz: Jeremiah

Rachel Jones | April 21st 2017

We've reduced 42,000 words to just seven multiple-choice questions. Have you got what it takes to be a Bible genius?... continue reading


Why opposition is good for us

Richard Coekin | April 20th 2017

In every age since Christ, different aspects of biblical Christianity have been attacked. Here is a simple summary... continue reading


Why has God given me this suffering?

Kristen Wetherell | April 19th 2017
<>Kristen Wetherell and Sarah Walton, authors of Hope When It Hurts, talk about the question, 'why has God given me this suffering?'... continue reading


How the resurrection changes your Monday

Mike McKinley | April 17th 2017

See how your heart can be set on fire by our understanding of God’s big plan in the resurrection... continue reading


The Big Easter Story Quiz

Rachel Jones | April 13th 2017

Can you remember enough to be crowned an Easter Egghead, or is your brain as empty as the Easter tomb? We've written this quiz with the whole family in mind – there are 10 questions which get progressively harder!... continue reading


Friday Quiz: Isaiah

Rachel Jones | April 7th 2017

Our series of Friday Quizzes through the books of the Bible reaches Isaiah. Have you got the vision to succeed or is your Bible knowledge a little short-sighted?... continue reading


The Good Book Company launches pioneering new VR Bible study series

Tim Thornborough | April 1st 2017

Already well known worldwide for Bible teaching resources from trusted teachers, The Good Book Company has today launched the first of its new range of innovative Virtual Reality Access Library Bible Studies... continue reading


Friday Quiz: Song of Songs

Rachel Jones | March 31st 2017

Warning: This quiz comes with an age rating. How much can you remember about Song of Songs?... continue reading


Seven Unshakeable Promises for Anxious Souls

Sarah Walton | March 30th 2017

Suffering and worry often go hand in hand. So here are seven unshakable promises for anxious souls today... continue reading

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