Six ideas for making the most of Lent

Rachel Jones | February 9th 2016

It’s come round unseasonably early, so perhaps it’s passed you by—but Lent starts tomorrow. Here are 6 ways to be intentional about focusing your heart on the Lord Jesus as we approach Easter... continue reading


Dai Hankey on Eric Says Thanks

Dai Hankey | February 8th 2016

"Love the Lord, serve him heart and soul, for he sends the rain that makes grain grow." (Dai Hankey, Eric Says Thanks)... continue reading


The Good Book Roundup: 5th February

Phil Grout | February 5th 2016

Our brand-new round-up of the best bits from all around the web including something to read this weekend, and even something free... continue reading


Friday Quiz: The letter C

Rachel Jones | February 5th 2016

Have a go at our Friday quiz. This week's theme…the letter C... continue reading


Crackdown on Christians—in a country you wouldn’t expect

Olivia Watkinson | February 4th 2016

Thousands of Christians all over the world cannot guarantee that they’ll be able to go to church every weekend—and not just in the sort countries you’ve come to expect... continue reading


Only Christian prayer works

Anne Woodcock | February 3rd 2016

It’s a shockingly countercultural belief today. Some would call it arrogant.

Are we really right to say only Christian prayer “works”?... continue reading


Easter: Rated R

Carl Laferton | February 2nd 2016

Not many journals are very interesting—mine certainly isn’t. But the Easter one is... continue reading


Friday Quiz: The letter B

Rachel Jones | January 29th 2016

Have a go at our Friday quiz. This week's theme…the letter B... continue reading


Does prayer really work?

Sam Allberry | January 28th 2016

Sam Allberry, author of James For You, answers this question in this short video... continue reading


Prayer: Just shooting in the dark?

Anne Woodcock | January 27th 2016

Millions worldwide do it habitually or devotedly, every day. It seems to be a universal instinct. We pray, but often as though we're shooting in the dark... continue reading

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