Could AMC’s Humans ever become a reality?

Rachel Jones | July 30th 2015

Are the super-synths truly human? And what are the consequences if they are?... continue reading


Parents: are you raising a houseful of hypocrites?

Nicholas McDonald | July 29th 2015


I’ve been in youth ministry for nearly 7 years, and I’ve ministered to droves of parents and students. I could tell you all kinds of stories - good, bad, redemptive, hilarious, and heart-breaking. As I’ve surveyed these interactions, however, a single summarizing word comes to mind: “shocked”.... continue reading


Surviving the summer as student

Anna Docherty | July 28th 2015

Having finished my first year at college two months ago it feels like I’m well into the summer now. Living back at home with your parents takes some getting used to. But since being back I’ve concluded that surviving the summer as a student really isn’t that difficult.

The answer: a laptop.... continue reading


Get a spiritual boost this summer

The Good Book Company | July 27th 2015

Get a spiritual boost this summer. Download the August Explore for free.... continue reading


Friday Quiz - Summer Vacation

The Good Book Company | July 24th 2015

To whom does God promise, “I will surely bless you and make your descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky and as the sand on the seashore.”

  • David
  • Moses
  • Abraham
  • Jacob

Surviving summer as a parent

Emily Robertson | July 21st 2015

This summer Facebook will be filled with Instagram-filtered pictures of beautiful and photogenic children enjoying picture-perfect days out. And the parents? Well, nothing but unrivaled joy will be found upon their happy, sun-kissed, and gloriously carefree faces.... continue reading


Friday Quiz - What's thrilling you about Jesus?

The Good Book Company | July 17th 2015

Jesus encountered many people in the Bible. How well do you know how they responded to him?

Take our quiz to find out....... continue reading


Far and deep: the joy of scientific discovery

Tim Thornborough | July 16th 2015

OK I admit it, I'm a space nut. I was just 11 when Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon—and I was completely absorbed by the sense of occasion, discovery and sheer technical brilliance of the Apollo missions.... continue reading


What's thrilling you about Jesus?

The Good Book Company | July 15th 2015

John Piper, Richard Coekin and Tim Keller talk about what's thrilling them about Jesus at the moment...... continue reading


What's thrilling you about Jesus at the moment?

Tim Thornborough | July 14th 2015

Tomorrow we'll be releasing a video where we asked that question to three prominent pastors: John Piper, Richard Coekin and Tim Keller. It's a searching question, because it reveals where we are really up to in our Christian walk. Christianity, first and foremost is about a love relationship with Jesus Christ. We only love him, because he first loved us.... continue reading

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