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  1. Discipleship Explored Leader's Guide

    Discipleship Explored Leader's Guide by Barry Cooper

    $12.99  $10.39  YOU SAVE $2.60 (20%)

    Comprehensive training material and advice for leading a Discipleship Explored course.  Learn more

  2. Discipleship Explored DVD

    Discipleship Explored DVD by Barry Cooper

    $39.00  $35.10  YOU SAVE $3.90 (10%)

    Talks for each of the eight sessions of Discipleship Explored, presented by Barry Cooper.  Learn more

  3. Discipleship Explored Handbook

    Discipleship Explored Handbook by Barry Cooper

    $4.99  $3.99  YOU SAVE $1.00 (20%)

    Follow on to Christianity Explored and other evangelistic courses  Learn more

  4. Discipleship Explored Starter Pack

    Discipleship Explored Starter Pack by Barry Cooper

    $122.88  $95.00  YOU SAVE 23%

    A cheap and easy way to get started with Discipleship ExploredLearn more

  5. Discipleship Explored Sample Pack

    Discipleship Explored Sample Pack by Barry Cooper

    $56.98  $45.00  YOU SAVE 21%

    A great way to evaluate Discipleship Explored Learn more

  6. Ordinary Hero

    Ordinary Hero by Tim Chester


    Tim Chester writes about how the Cross and Resurrection call people to a radical way of living.  Learn more

  7. Gospel Centered Life

    Gospel Centered Life by Steve Timmis & Tim Chester

    $11.99  $10.79  YOU SAVE $1.20 (10%)

    Discover how, in the gospel, everyday problems and experiences can be transformed.  Learn more

  8. Rock Solid

    Rock Solid by Tim Thornborough, Trevor Archer, Liam Goligher, Bob Horn, Roger Carswell, Christopher Ash, David Jackman, Justin Mote, David Field, Mike Ovey, Vaughan Roberts, Jonathan Stephen & J Williams

    $12.99  $11.04  YOU SAVE $1.95 (15%)

    Helps us get to grips with 12 great truths that form the core of what it means to be an evangelical Christian.  Learn more

  9. Listen up!

    Listen up! by Christopher Ash


    In this short and practical guide, Christopher Ash outlines seven ingredients for healthy listening.  Learn more

  10. A Few Good Men

    A Few Good Men by Richard Coekin


    Ten positive role models from the Bible.  Learn more

Items 1 to 10 of 14 total

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