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Trick or Treat?


Trick or Treat?

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This short Halloween tract introduces children to the greatest treat of all, God's own Son, Jesus.


A treat is a free gift - something we don't deserve.

This short Halloween tract introduces children to the greatest treat of all, God's own Son, Jesus. The tract is based on John 8 v 12, where Jesus tells us that He is 'the light of the world'.

It helps children to understand why Halloween isn't 'harmless fun', and that there's no need to be afraid because Jesus beat the devil.

How to give away a Halloween tract at the door:

1. Stock up on sweets, chocolates and tracts

2. Make sure you're at home on the 31st October

3. When children come trick or treating, simply hand them some sweets or chocolates along with a tract which 'explains a bit more about Halloween'

4. Pray!

Additional Information

Age range: 6 - 11
Author Alison Mitchell
ISBN 9781906334284
Format Pamphlet
Dimensions 106mm x 148mm
Pages 6
Publisher The Good Book Company

Customer Reviews

Good Resource

 These tracts arrived in good time and had good content that presented the gospel in a way relevant to Halloween. I would recommend them. 

| Review by | 26/11/2013

not ideal in our context

 They go for Halloween in a big way here in the Rep of Ireland - nearly everyone sees it as harmless fun - and for that reason I was looking for a Christian message that didn't feel the need to kick Halloween too much. While it's a good tract, I'm afraid I found it a bit too damning to use at our alternative 'white night' party at church. I ended up cutting off the top page and using only it. Call me a wimp but I really didn't think it would help to damn all the fun. 

| Review by | 18/11/2013

Good in some contexts

 A good tract to use for teenagers who are really searching and have had some exposure to Christianity. We didn't however use it at our recent 'Light Party' as we though it was quite strong and a bit too much all at once for a group of unchurched younger teens. 

| Review by | 07/11/2013

Great tract

 For years I have used the opportunity to reach children with the message of Jesus when they come knocking at hallowe'en. I give the children a bag which is sealed with a Christian sticker. Inside the bag I include sweeties etc and a Christian bookmark and a tract. Finding a tract that talks about hallowe'en and the message of Jesus is perfect for this. I discovered this tract last year and I have found it to be the perfect addition to my hallowe'en bags. 

| Review by | 22/10/2013

Very good

 This was a very popular tract with the children in our Sunday group. They made goody bags with these in, to give out to those who came to the door. They were all very enthusiastic about doing this, as they had asked about what they should do when all their friends were out 'trick or treating'. 

| Review by | 29/11/2012

Great for hallowe'en bags

 Every year I make up bags for children who come trick or treating. The bag has the usual sweets but very importantly it has information about Jesus. I always include a gospel sticker, bookmark and tract. These tracts are ideal because they not only convey the message of Jesus but they include information about hallowe'en. 

| Review by | 19/11/2012

Tract and Treat (!)

 I hole-punched the tracts, along with small packets of sweets, and tied them into a little bundle to dish out to trick-or-treaters which made it easier to give them both and this worked well, though the bad weather meant not much lingering on the doorstep. I will definitely get more for next year. 

| Review by | 02/11/2012

Great tracts - a definate distinction between darkness & light

 We liked the tracts very much & distributed them amongst our Christian friends to give out.
We had no visitors last night & await feedback from others. 

| Review by | 01/11/2012

very useful

 We make these available to church members before Hallowe'en and encourage them to give them to trick or treaters with the treat. 

| Review by | 15/10/2012

We didn't have enough

 We bought these last year, some to put out on the tables in our church cafe and some for people to give out at the door to Trick or Treaters. We bought 100 and we could have doubled that. We are buying more this year. 

| Review by | 10/10/2012

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