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Christianity Explored Study Guide


Christianity Explored Study Guide

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Includes a brief introduction to the course, summaries of the talks and studies to work through each week.


Find out about the new edition of Christianity Explored - due for release in May 2011!

Christianity Explored is a ten-week course that introduces people to Jesus Christ. Week by week, as course participants explore Mark's Gospel, they address three questions that cut to the heart of Christianity: Who is Jesus? Why did he come? What does it mean to follow him?

This Study Guide includes all the questions and group discussion points for each topic covered. It provides brief outlines of each of the talks and contains extra 'home study' questions relating to each week.

It should be used in conjunction with the following books: How To Run The Course and Study Guide - Leader's Edition.

The Christianity Explored study guide is available in Braille and 24-point giant print from our partners The Torch Trust. For more details and to order, please visit the Torch Trust website or call 01858 438260.

Other information

The Christianity Explored Course has been developed over ten years by Rico Tice, Associate Minister for Evangelism at All Souls Church, Langham Place in London. This Second Edition, written with Barry Cooper and Sam Shammas, has been thoroughly revised and updated.

Table of contents

  • Preface: Before we begin
  • Week 1: Introduction
  • Week 2: Jesus - Who was he?
  • Week 3: Jesus - Why did he come?
  • Week 4: Jesus - His Death
  • Week 5: What is Grace?
  • Week 6: Jesus - His Resurrection
  • Exploring Christian Life:
  • - The Church
  • - The Holy Spirit
  • - Prayer
  • - The Bible
  • Week 7: What is a Christian?
  • Week 8: Continuing as a Christian
  • Week 9: Choices - King Herod
  • Week 10: Choices - James, John & Bartimaeus

Additional Information

Author Christianity Explored
ISBN 9781904889335
Format Paperback
Dimensions 148mm x 209mm
Pages 64
Publisher The Good Book Company/CE

Customer Reviews

Very Good

 I have used this study guide to help many enquirers explore the Christian faith. All have found it very helpful and a number have come to a saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. 

| Review by | 02/10/2012

Great Course

 The Christianity Explored Course is truly great. We use it twice a year in our church and have had many people come to faith through it. The course is easy to run, with a book to work through and D.V.D of the talk. Excellent! 

| Review by | 18/01/2011

very useful study to use in a group

 mark's gospel, in bite sized chunks, offers reference guidance, along with the opportunity for self study. good thought-provoking questions helpful to start discussion. the presenter on the dvd is easy to listen to, and the dvd is great to use alongside the book. 

| Review by | 09/11/2010

Ideal for Non-Christians

 These study guides are well presented and work very well with the DVD presentations. For those for whom Christianity is totally new, they make starting very easy and non-threatening. For a church, like we are doing, they are too simple and the answers quite obvious - but, then they're not written for us! 

| Review by | 27/04/2010


 Fantastic guide if you are running the course - enough information in the book so that you can edit the talks if you wish as well 

| Review by | 25/03/2010

Good booklets

 We already purchased the Christianity Explored DVD, leaders Handbook and How to run the course book. These booklets are easy to use and have enough information in them to enable guests on the Christianity Explored course to work through the homework and record their own thoughts. An excellent course and the DVD material is great.

Nicely presented and legible. 

| Review by | 19/03/2010

Great resource

 Been used widely in our church and we have found the material really helpful. Rico's presentation is clear and easy to understand and promotes questions a very valuable addition to our Gospel outreach. 

| Review by | 17/02/2010

Excellent Materiel

 A very good accompaniment to the course. Engaging and informative. 

| Review by | 27/01/2010

Good content but lacks links between the activities

 The content of each study is helpful and the overall aim of studying Mark's gospel is good, but there is a lack of guidance between the component parts of each study to tell you how they link together. So why do we take a particular incident or event out of the 2-3 chapters that have been studied for homework and make them the focus of the introductory study next week and how does that link into the talk that is given? 

| Review by | 25/11/2009

Great material; check to make sure it is printed accurately

 This is sound material and a great way to lead people to think about who Jesus is and why Christianity is nothing apart from having Christ in it. For me, the difference between this and Alpha is the clear presentation of the gospel; nothing fuzzy or leading to some kind of wild weekend with the Holy Spirit. 

| Review by | 14/08/2009

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