Engage: Issue 7

Connecting you with God's Word

Issue 7 of Engage looks at Ephesians, Numbers, Luke and Jeremiah.

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Issue 7 of Engage - daily Bible reading notes for teenagers. This issue looks at Ephesians, Numbers, Luke and Jeremiah.

There are also fascinating articles on why God allows suffering, how to cope with stress and on being human.

Engage exists to help you plug into your Bible. Through Engage's pages we want to plunge into God's awesome word: discovering who God is and what He's like; seeing what God's done for us through Jesus; and exploring practical ways of living for Him. The Bible is packed with amazing stories and life-changing teaching. It's time to dive into the Bible and see God change our lives...

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  • Ephesians: Big big stuff
  • Numbers: Counting on God
  • Luke: Walking with Jesus
  • Jeremiah: Prophet in pain
  • Plus:
  • • Why does God allow suffering?
  • • Coping with stress
  • • Being human
  • • Prisoner's progress


Age range: 14 - 21
Author Martin Cole
ISBN 9781906334093
Format Paperback
Dimensions 126mm x 197mm
Pages 128
Publisher The Good Book Company

Other information

'In more than twenty years of youth ministry, I have not found a better resource to commend to students with confidence that they will engage with Scriptures. Our hope and prayer is that hundreds of students in our diocese will use Engage to spend time daily in God's word. We know that this will have a lasting impact on their lives and establish life-long habits of personal Bible study.'
- Dave Wright, Co-ordinator for youth ministries, Episcopal diocese of South Carolina

Customer reviews

“engage book collection”

(Review written for 'Engage: The Collection')

ordered these for my teenage daughter after she had seen them at CSSM (bible summer scheme) and she says they are very helpful along the pathway of christianity


“Great to give away”

(Review written for 'Engage: The Collection')

I have found these Bible studies useful to give away to our youth at church, to encourage them to read the Bible. I also consult these studies when we are planning our Youth Group Bible studies. Engage is readable, sensible, and useful for ministry. 5 stars.


“Great for teenagers looking for a short but challenging devotion”

(Review written for 'Engage: The Collection')

I used this as a teenager, and now recommending this to the youth group at my church. Each devotion can take 5-20 minutes and I like that there was no dates so no pressure. Perfect for teenagers to decide how much of time and effort to give.


“excellent bible study aids”

(Review written for 'Engage: The Collection')

Find these bible study aids very helpful for my teenager. They involve thought about the passage and are in manageable daily portions.


“Excellent resource”

(Review written for 'Engage: The Collection')

I was excited to find an undated bible reading resource that covered the whole of scripture - I have purchased this for a secondary school library so that they can be used by pupils aged 12-18 and the RE department are thrilled. The books are suitable for younger teens all the way through to adults and the first keen borrowers were school support staff. I have told friends about them and one said it was just what she had been searching for as a daily reading help for her 11 year old son.


“Direct and engaging”

(Review written for 'Engage Annual Subscription')

I use this with my teenage children. It's written in an engaging and relevant style and this is what I find useful. Also useful are the more open-ended questions.



(Review written for 'Engage Annual Subscription')

My teenage sister has found 'Engage' helpful and very suited to her age and situation.


“Engage Books”

(Review written for 'Engage: The Collection')

The Engage books are well presented and very eye-catching with excellent material going through the Bible in language that is easy to understand without compromising the core principles. I would certainly recommend these books without hesitation. My only other observation is that it is a shame that there isn't a DVD to go with course similarly to the Christianity Explored.

At our church we are evaluating as to whether we purchase all 20 of these books for those attending the course, but this may be too an expensive route to take, nevertheless, excellent well presented material


“Great resource”

(Review written for 'Engage: The Collection')

Great resource to have on hand. Good to have bible studies in stock for when youth express interest in bible reading, engage is the best for teens I have used.


“extremely helpful”

My 2 teenagers and I started with Issue 10 and because that was so helpful we selected a few other Issues that we thought would be relevant. At the mo' we are in Issue 1 which is just as helpful as 10. It is well laid out with bite size thoughts, not too in depth just the right level for teens. They did find Amos hard going because it was a bit depressing but glad John's gospel followed imediately after that study. The extra readings at the end of most studies are great as they are optional but we always end up doing them because they go that little bit deeper.
One thing I would say is that we must remember that our christian walk is a walk of faith and a walk dependant on the Holy Spirit so maybe that needs more of an emphasis rather than the doing lots for God in all the strength and determination we can muster.


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