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An Explore subscription will provide you with four issues of our daily Bible reading notes.

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“A trustworthy and convenient tool for helping people to dig into the Scriptures themselves.”
Mike McKinley, Pastor and 9 Marks blogger
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An Explore subscription will provide you with four issues of our daily Bible reading notes (one sent every three months). Each issue contains three months of daily readings with ideas for prayer and application, to help you understand clearly the message & challenge of God's word.

Many Christians find it difficult to regularly read the Bible. It can be quite a task to find one's way around such a large, diverse and ancient collection of writings. Some of the books in the Bible are historical, some are poetic, some are prophetic, some take the form of letters. The big question is - how does it all fit together?

The best way to find the answer is to adopt a pattern of daily Bible study and prayer. Not only does this give the reader more knowledge of the Bible but, more importantly, it offers a chance to listen and hear God speaking personally to them through his strongest medium - The Word.

Each daily Explore study uses questions and explanatory comments to get you digging into the passage. And it features three mini-sections:
Apply, helping you think about the difference God’s word will make to your life
Pray Thru, encouraging you to speak to the God who’s been speaking to you
Time Out, linking to a different part of the Bible, or raising an interesting thought to reflect on.

Explore gives you the opportunity to delve into areas of the Bible that have perhaps eluded you for years: the laws of Leviticus; the wisdom of Proverbs; the meaninglessness of Ecclesiastes; the pain and suffering of Job; the terrifying apocalyptic imagery of Revelation. Explore shows how the Old and New Testaments are linked and how God's promises of salvation for his people are fulfilled in Jesus Christ. It also challenges the reader every day to be more like him.

Subscribe now and you will be offered the Explore Prayer Diary for $4.99 (MSRP $12.99)!

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Other information

Explore has daily readings that are:
• Reliable; clearly applied Bible teaching covering Old and New Testaments
• Manageable; a suggested 15 minutes per study with optional cross references for further reading
• Flexible; dated and numbered readings so you can go at your own pace
• Incisive; not a 'thought for the day' approach, but clear and careful teaching within the context of the whole of the Bible's revelation.

An inter-denominational team of contributors includes Tim Chester, Marcus Nodder, Tim Keller, Ray Ortlund Jr and Tim Thornborough.


Reading the Bible daily is an integral part of growing as Christians, and these notes are practical and insightful. Many in our congregation have been greatly blessed through their daily use.

Paul Gardner, Pastor of Christ Church, Atlanta, GA

A resource like Explore needs to be highly disseminated. Sundays are not enough, we need God's Word everyday. Explore satisfies that need.

Danny Jang, Pastor, Grace Church, Stamford, CT

A trustworthy and convenient tool for helping people to dig into the Scriptures themselves.

Mike McKinley

Pastor and 9 Marks blogger

Customer reviews

“Highly recommended”

I have been using Explore to study the Bible for several years, and my 16 year old daughter now uses it too. It is excellent for making you look carefully at the Bible text and gives a lot of helpful links and references to other passages. The app is ideal for studying the Bible on my frequent long rail journeys.



An excellent aid to daily Bible study. It is challenging and draws me closer to God each day. Thank you


“Excellent ”

I find the notes thought-provoking and helpful


“Excellent daily reading guide”

I have used various daily reading helps over the years, have recently finished Search the Scriptures, and chose Explore after looking around at what was available. I am really enjoying it and looking forward to each new episode! Explore is very well put together and very helpful in helping you to ask questions of the passage - what it means and what the Lord is saying through it. Highly recommended.


“Explore reading notes”

Explore is our daily reading guide, we read together each morning, (my husband and I) - it challenges us in our faith and practical living - is searching as to our long held views and hopefully will help us to be more like Jesus.


“Sets you up for the day!”

Great insight into God's word giving guidance, encouragement and challenge for the day ahead!


“Great way to read the Bible ”

The Explore notes are such a great way to read the Bible each day. The authors are top quality and the notes have a good balance of questions to make you think, and explanatory notes. They engage your mind and your heart.


“Most helpful devotional material.”

(Review written for 'Explore - 1 year subscription (Overseas)')

I've used many devotional material over the years, and the one I find myself coming back to (and hunting down - even after moving away from the UK!) is this. This is the most helpful resource for bible study - it breaks things down, makes you think, and apply. I find the length of the study + accompanying questions just right. Thank you for Explore - it has enriched my walk with our God. :)


“A great resource”

(Review written for 'Explore (Oct-Dec 2016)')

My husband and I felt that we needed to re-vitalise our quiet time, which had become somewhat sporadic. We were eager to find something that would both stimulate us, and rejuvenate our love for spending time with the Lord. "Explore" has done just that, and we now look forward to digging further into the scriptures each day, discussing the points raised, particularly the application, and learning more about our wonderful creator. Thank you Explore! We initially ordered just three months to see how we got on, but will definitely be ordering an annual subscription from now on.



(Review written for 'Explore (Oct-Dec 2016)')

Thoughtful and inspiring. Made me rethink the scriptures in a new way


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