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Explore 58 (Apr-Jun 2012)

Bible notes for adults

Explore 58 (Apr-Jun 2012)

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By: Stephen Witmer, Tim Thornborough & Carl Laferton
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Explore 58 runs from April to June 2012 and includes Bible readings on Jonah, Luke and Easter.


Ninety-two dated and numbered daily Bible readings to help you understand clearly the message and challenge of the Word of God. Explore 58 runs from April to June 2012 and includes Bible readings on Jonah, Luke and Easter.

Many Christians find it difficult to regularly read the Bible. It can be quite a task to find one's way around such a large, diverse and ancient collection of writings. Some of the books in the Bible are historical, some are poetic, some are prophetic, some take the form of letters. The big question is - how does it all fit together?

The best way to find the answer is to adopt a pattern of daily Bible Study and prayer. Not only does this give the reader more knowledge of the Bible, but more importantly it offers a chance to listen and hear God speaking personally to them through His strongest medium - The Word.

Other information

“A trustworthy and convenient tool for helping people to dig into the Scriptures themselves.”
Mike McKinley, Pastor and 9 Marks blogger

“Reliable, faithful and accessible. Fantastic for anyone who wants to get started in spending regular time in God's Word.”
- Steve Timmis, Co-author of Total Church and Gospel-Centred Leadership, Director of Acts 29, Western Europe

“Reading the Bible daily is an integral part of growing as Christians, and these notes are practical and insightful. Many in our congregation have been greatly blessed through their daily use.”
- Paul Gardner, Pastor of Christ Church, Atlanta, GA

“A resource like Explore needs to be highly disseminated. Sundays are not enough, we need God's Word everyday. Explore satisfies that need.”
- Danny Jang, Pastor, Grace Church, Stamford, CT

Additional Information

Author Stephen Witmer, Tim Thornborough, Carl Laferton
ISBN 9781908317117
Format Paperback
Dimensions 147mm x 210mm
Pages 96
Publisher The Good Book Company

Customer Reviews

Great way to explore the Bible

 Currently on my third edition of Explore, great way to read through the Bible in bite sized pieces whether for someone new to the Bible or just to refresh existing knowledge and teachings. Useful to have added explaination and questions to prompt a bit of thinking about the passage you have just read. Takes be about 30 minutes to an hour to work through the daily read plus the passages listed at the bottom of each daily read in order to read the entire Bible in a year. Nice to have a 90 day book as it does not feel as challenging as a full year, also if you miss a day or so it is easy to go back and pick up where you left off, or simply ignore the dates and do your reading when you feel like it. Highly recommend. 

| Review by | 03/07/2012

Really thought provoking

 Really enjoyed the studies, very thought provoking. I enjoyed the 2 corinthians studies on giving. 

| Review by | 12/05/2012

Gets me thinking

 This devotional explores scripture thoroughly and suggests relevant applications to each teaching/truth being studied. It really does get me thinking. 

| Review by | 02/05/2012

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