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When the dream turns to a nightmare

Lost (ebook)

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A lively and engaging retelling of the Prodigal Son with a powerful application and challenge.


A son turns his back on home and family to follow his dreams of a new life on his own. An other son stays dutifully at home.

But when the dream turns to a nightmare, what will this first son do? And which of the two sons is really the more lost?

In this deceptively simple story, Jesus gets to the heart of what it means to be lost to God, and found by him again. And it's a story that's full of surprises.

You'll be surprised by the father, surprised by the sons, and surprised by what this story tells us about our own hearts.

And then there's the biggest surprise of all... jaw-dropping in fact...

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Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Chapter One – Pursue the dream!
  • Chapter Two – Crash Landing!
  • Chapter Three – Welcome home
  • Chapter Four – Missing the Party
  • Epilogue: where from here?

Additional Information

Age range: 11 - 19
Author Jonty Allcock
ISBN 9781908317353
Format Electronic book text
Pages 64
Publisher The Good Book Company

Customer Reviews

The Gospel in a nutshell

(Review written for 'Lost')

 I'm so glad I read this book. Though I knew the story by heart, this was really refreshing. I've asked for and got permission to translate the book into my own language (Dutch) so that the youngsters in our church can have benefit from it. Everyone should read it as it is the Gospel in a Nutshell. Written in a very compelling way! 

| Review by | 17/09/2013

Review from Youthwork Magazine

(Review written for 'Lost')

 Lost is a retelling of Jesus' parable of the Prodigal Son. The author breaks the story into four sections, and uses them to explain the gospel. 'Pursue the Dream' explores our rejection of God, 'Crash Landing' focuses on our bankruptcy as sinners, 'Welcome Home' describes the delight of the Father when we return. The final section, 'Missing the Party,' highlights the oft-forgotten figure of the older brother - he works like a slave for his Father, but in reality loves neither God, nor the things God loves.

The language is funny, accessible and memorable; the illustrations by Andre Parker enhance the text, the whole book has less than 60 pages, and sin for example is described as 'dumping God'! It would be ideal for a teenager exploring Christianity for the first time, or someone who has grown up in church, but not really understood grace. Allcock fills this seemingly simple story with relevance and challenge. My only criticism is that he tells us too often how amazing and challenging it is - he doesn't need to say that, he shows it! But I'm quibbling - Allcock does a great job of demonstrating that 'Jesus welcomes sinners' and at £4, it's a steal. 

| Review by | 15/03/2011

Very readable

(Review written for 'Lost')

 Gave this as a christmas present to our youth group. It's easy to read yet clearly brings home the message of the parable. 

| Review by | 18/01/2011

Very clear and challenging teaching from Luke 15

(Review written for 'Lost')

 I read this before giving a copy to a teenager. Although it's been written for teenagers, people of all ages would benefit from this great little book. It is a clear, engaging and challenging explanation of Jesus' teaching from Luke 15. I'm sure I'll be reading "Lost" again soon. 

| Review by | 18/11/2010

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