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Being true to yourself, your God, your relationships

True (ebook)

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A book to help 11-14 year-old girls become excited about living for Jesus in every relationship in their lives.


Now with a fresh new look, True addresses eight key relationships that 11-14 year-old girls encounter: themselves, God, church, friends, parents, boys, non-Christians and the world.

Each chapter unpacks one Bible passage and looks in detail at the different relationships, clearly showing what the Bible teaches, as well as ideas on how to practically live this out in their day-to-day lives. The book challenges girls to keep Jesus at the centre of every relationship as they keep living for Him.

Every chapter ends with seven practical ideas to work through, a real-life testimony and a Bible study. Suitable for individuals or groups.

Other information

Sarah Bradley has a lovely and friendly voice in this book making it really accessible to young girls. It’s perfect for 11-14 year old girls, helping them setting in a godly foundation and boundaries before all hell breaks loose.
- Celeste Owens, Youth Pastor at St Albans Vineyard

Table of contents

  • 1. Be true to yourself (your relationship with yourself)
  • 2. The one true God (your relationship with God)
  • 3. Your true family (your relationship with church)
  • 4. True friendship (your relationships with your friends)
  • 5. Home truths (your relationship with your parents)
  • 6. True love (your relationships with boys)
  • 7. Truth or dare (your relationships with non-Christians)
  • 8. It's tough being true (your relationship with the world)
  • Final thoughts

Additional Information

Age range: 10 - 15
Author Sarah Bradley
ISBN 9781908317940
Format Electronic book text
Pages 128
Publisher The Good Book Company

Customer Reviews

Fab book to study witha young person!

 I have just started reading this 1 to 1 with a young person. What a fab book! I love the mix of real life stories, practical tips and a great Bible study to ground it all in. The very natural conversational and relaxed style of the book makes it very easy for young people to read. Not just your average teen advice book but really encourages 11-14s to think about applying God's word to each area of their lives. 

| Review by | 02/01/2013

Great book

(Review written for 'True')

 Have just finished reading 'True' and was really impressed with the clear way in which it is written and the godly wise advice it gives. Brilliant and completely on target for this age group! 

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. More information here,
| Review by | 10/06/2012

Great book

 Have just finished reading 'True' and was really impressed with the clear way in which it is written and the godly wise advice it gives. Brilliant and completely on target for this age group! 

| Review by | 10/06/2012


(Review written for 'True')

 It was really helpful and encouraging. I twas really challenging and was really relevant to me!!! 

| Review by | 20/05/2012


(Review written for 'True')

 I bought it today and read it straight away, it was really encouraging and challenging and felt so relevant to me!!! 

| Review by | 19/05/2012

True is brilliant!

(Review written for 'True')

 I think True is an amazingly encouraging book. It really supports and helps me when I am struggling as a Christian and it's a great thing to read at night with my mum. I have tried some of the suggestions about living as a Christian and they have proved quite effective! I now have a non-Christian friend coming to a Christian club - I am really glad she has taken an interest. Thank you so much for writing True, I have given it to many friends and they are finding it helpful as well! 

| Review by | 27/04/2012

Excellent book

(Review written for 'True')

 Excellent book!
Simple to read with good bite sized chunks, summaries at the end of each chapter and practical suggestions as to how to implement the teaching
I worked through the book with my 14 year old daughter over the recent holiday, a chapter a day. It was relevant, simple yet not patronising, godly and wise
Can we have something similar for the boys please? 

| Review by | 05/01/2012

Love this book

(Review written for 'True')

 Great book. Lovely attitude. I bought it for girls at my school and my niece. We used it as a discipleship help. Girls at school wanted to borrow it to read it more. I found it really sweet and excellent. 

| Review by | 03/01/2012

Very good book !!!!

(Review written for 'True')

 Very good book!! And challenges girls of all ages to put their God first in everything they do !! 

| Review by | 27/10/2011

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