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The 3rd edition of Christianity Explored launches worldwide on May 10th.

This new edition will be easier than ever to run with a comprehensive leader's guide and DVD, easier to join in with a shorter 7 week format, and easier to find with the new CE website built for people investigating Christianity and featuring a powerful 'Find a Course' function.

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What's different?

We’ve made some significant changes, based on years of collated feedback. For example:

  • up to this point, CE has been a ten week course. Now, it’s a more streamlined and manageable seven sessions. In addition, there are now only three sessions on the Day Away instead of four.

  • the DVD has been completely reshot. It retains the best script elements from before, but adds a wealth of new material. Visually and aesthetically, it is a stunning production.

  • each session (Bible study + DVD + discussion) focuses on only one theme, making the course leaner and more logical.

  • the session on Grace has been completely rewritten, the session on Resurrection completely reworked, and there is a brand new session based on Jesus’ parable of the Sower.

  • we’ve simplified the resources by incorporating the How To Run The Course book into the Leader’s Guide. That means you only need two books (one for the leader and one for the guest) plus a DVD to run Christianity Explored.

  • unlike the previous edition, every session – including the Day Away – is now grounded in Mark’s Gospel. So although the course is shorter, the walkthrough of Mark is more thorough.

What's the same?

The distinctives of Christianity Explored are still very much the same.

  • It’s an evangelistic programme grounded in the exposition of Mark’s Gospel

  • It offers a clear exploration of sin so that the sheer wonder of God’s grace can be understood

  • It gives an honest explanation of the cost of following Jesus

  • It presents a compelling portrait of the identity, mission and call of Christ


The new session titles are:

  1. Good News
  2. Identity
  3. Sin
  4. The Cross
  5. Resurrection
  6. Grace
  7. Come And Die

and the three Day Away sessions are The Sower, James And John, and Herod.


The current edition of Christianity Explored is still available and will continue to be available for some time after the new edition is published, for those who would prefer to keep to using it. You can see the full range of the current edition here.

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