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We've stuck together a pile of resources which we hope will be helpful to all people seeking to advertise, organise and run a Christianity Explored course.

If there's anything missing from here which you would find useful, please let us know! We're keen to help in any way we can.

Promotional Material

Christianity Explored logo – EPS or JPG
Christianity Explored Ministries logo – EPS or JPG
Discipleship Explored Ministries logo – EPS or JPG
Website banner to link to the CE site – JPG
Download the Invitation Design
Download the Poster Design
Download the Banner Design

Print Your Own

Download a print-ready version of the A2 Poster

Download a print-ready version of the Church Banner

Indoor Banners
We have three banner designs which are ideal for use as indoor pop up banners. Due to the range of pop up banners available, we offer these as free downloads so that you can arrange printing on a unit most suitable for your needs. We recommend Colour Graphics as a company that offers good value and great service - you can email or call 0845 456 40 51 and ask for Amanda.

Design One
             Design Two
             Design Three
             DE Design One


Download the About the Course video.

Download the trailer for leaders.

Download the trailer for guests.

Or link to them on Youtube


Resources to help you run the course

Editable forms and letters

Extra ideas
Extra ideas that didn’t make it into the manual, together with alternative talk illustrations.

Forms and surveys

Talk outlines - PDF or Word Doc
All the talk outlines for the seven CE sessions in a single document.