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Bible discovery for families

A year's subscription (four issues) to Table Talk, our book of daily Bible times for families or groups to use together.

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A year's subscription (four issues) to Table Talk, our book of daily Bible times for families or groups to use together. Based on just a few verses from the passage that XTB uses, it is suitable with children aged from 4 upwards. It forms the basis for a short family Bible time.

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Age range: 4 - 12
Author Alison Mitchell
Format Saddle stitch
Dimensions 170mm x 240mm
Pages 96
Publisher The Good Book Company

Other information

Table Talk is for families with children from 4 yrs and up to use for daily Bible times. Each day takes about five minutes, maybe at breakfast or after an evening meal. Choose whatever time suits you best as a family.

Table Talk links in with XTB Bible reading notes for children. (XTB stands for eXplore The Bible). The Bible passages are the same each day for Table Talk and XTB - so you can use the two books together, or on their own. Whichever suits you best.

Customer reviews


(Review written for 'Table Talk 1: The Book of Beginnings')

This is such a good book! After the emails over easter I wanted a book to carry on bible time with my children. These are easy to follow and do not take much time but my children (10 and 6) really enjoy this time together! Will be buying the whole set!


“Bitesize Bible Reading”

(Review written for 'Table Talk 6: Footprints')

We use table talk with our 4 and 1 year old as our daily Bible reading. Some days work better than others depending on many things. Often we don't use the game/craft illustration at the beginning as this has proved too much of a distraction when we get to the main reading.
Overall a very helpful way of reading as a family and one I would recommend


“Great for the whole family”

(Review written for 'Table Talk 1: The Book of Beginnings')

I was recommended this book by our church's children's and young families worker because I wanted something that my 11 year old son could be interested in alongside my daughter also. It's a brilliant book and easy to use and the whole family including my husband got involved in it and as a whole family we all enjoy using it. We do it round the dining table when we have our tea as that's the best time for us all to be together. I'd recommend it for the family and my 11 year old son is really enjoying it too.


“Great and easy to adapt for use”

(Review written for 'Table Talk 6: Footprints')

We bought Table Talks for the first time and we actually use it as an extended Sunday morning family time rather than a daily one. We generally use two at a time and get our children to draw a picture of the stories afterwards and it lasts around an hour in all. Very good indeed, and I wouldn't rule out us using it as a daily tool when we finish our current evening devotionals with the children


“Excellent Notes”

We're trying Table Talk as a family at weekend breakfasts. It works well with parents leading it, and children answering questions and discussing points. We're using it with a 10 year old and a 4 year old.


“Money well spent”

(Review written for 'Table Talk 6: Footprints')

Very helpful book. It presents the Gospel in the most simplest form which makes it exciting not only for children to read their Bibles but for adults as well. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to family and friends.


“Buy it now!”

(Review written for 'Table Talk 5: The Promise Keeper')

Extremely helpful in getting us together to read the Bible. Games are great to practically learn what is being taught. Not too heavy with just the right amount to keep everyone's attention & if the adults are honest the brevity helps their memories too!


“Worthwhile purchase”

(Review written for 'Table Talk 8: The Real King')

I got this book in the run-up to Easter as it contains relevant passages from Mark, & i needed an antedote to bunnies and chicks and chocolate! We hadn't used Table Talk before and have a 4yr old daughter, preschool yr so can't read yet but I wanted a bit more than Beginning with God which we have used up to now. After doing it a few times she has really quite taken to it & even reminds Daddy when he comes home from work to do it. I like that we are reading out of the actual bible, not just the usual stories that appear in children's bibles. We're now going thru some Psalms which is just great& new for her. I had wondered if it would be a bit beyond her but so glad we gave it a go, plus you don't have to do every single suggestion given. As its not dated we can revisit it again in more depth later on. All in all - worthwhile investment.


“Brilliant Bible time with fun”

(Review written for 'Table Talk 1: The Book of Beginnings')

I have always wanted to read the bible as a family but never managed to maintain the children's interest and wondered how much they understood. this book is fantastic as the biblical explanations are excellent. The children and adults get to do activities not just simply read. For example this week my kids have had strips of paper with bible verses and have been trying to put them in order, they have also been acting out scenes. Great fun and a great way of remembering what you have learnt. Even my 13 year old joins in. I would thoroughly recommend it.


“Bring your family togeter”

Our 7 year old loves it "because we can read the bible together and learn new things live how to love God" Our 10 year old enjoys finding the bible passages and reading aloud. It really brings us together as a family. User friendly with great talking points, I would really recommend this to any family, especially those not used to reading the bible together.


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