XTB 12: End to End

Bible discovery for children

Three months of Bible readings to help you investigate John's Gospel, Daniel, Nehemiah and Revelation.

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XTB Daily Bible reading notes for children, with puzzles, pictures, prayers – and a free XTB Bible Timeline. Zoom in on Daniel, Nehemiah, John and Revelation, using your Bible Timeline to see how everything fits together.

Issue Twelve of XTB is called End to End. Three months of Bible readings to help you investigate the very first Easter in John's Gospel, meet Daniel, one of the young men captured by King Nebuchadnezzar, find out how the Israelites came home in Nehemiah and explore the last book in the Bible - Revelation.

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Age range: 7 - 11
Author Alison Mitchell
ISBN 9781904889168
Format Saddle stitch
Dimensions 210mm x 147mm
Pages 76
Publisher The Good Book Company

Other information

XTB (eXplore The Bible) is a series of daily Bible reading notes for children of the 7-11 age group, with puzzles, pictures and prayers.

XTB is beautifully presented with full-color illustrations and is a series of 12 books which, if used on a quarterly basis, will help a child cover all of the main books, themes and characters of the Bible in 3 years.

Look out for Table Talk - a book of daily Bible times for families with children aged from 4 upwards. The Bible passages are the same each day for XTB and Table Talk - so you can use the two books together, or on their own. Whichever suits you best.

Customer reviews


(Review written for 'XTB Subscription')

We have been XTB with our 8 year old daughter for over a year now, we use it as 'quiet time' before she goes to bed. She enjoys it so much and it has taught her to think about the Bible far more then if we had just been reading the bible with her. We will continue to do XTB with her every night and will start doing it with her younger sister as she gets older too. What a brilliant concept and very well presented.


“Great notes!”

(Review written for 'XTB Subscription')

My kids really enjoy these and will choose to do them over other stories. Clear, simple and varied applications each day.


“Great for children in KS2”

(Review written for 'XTB Subscription')

Full of colour, puzzles and activities. My 9 year old daughter happily sits and reads it by herself as the level is accessible and activities fun.


“Excellent bible study notes for children”

(Review written for 'XTB Subscription')

I have found the XTB resource to be such a wonderful bible study tool and aid for our primary school children (7-9) I would definitely recommend it to parents who are considering to purchase it for there children who want to grow in the bible knowledge and spiritual growth as this is pitched a the right level.


“Kicks kids off with independent bible study”

(Review written for 'XTB Subscription')

We have used table talk, a Good Book resource for many years with all 4 of our children. We have recently tried XTB with our 8 year old who is really enjoying it and is familiar with the design. It is really great to see her do her own Bible Study every night, and get into (hopefully) a lifelong love of the scriptures. I would really reccommend this resource, Table Talk is still really great (our oldest, now 10 still enjoys it and our youngest, 5 is now answering questions), and XTB is a super follow on. We do table talk as a family every weekday morning and XTB is used every night. It's great value and teaches alot of Gods word in a simple format anyone can understand. Thanks.



(Review written for 'XTB Subscription')

Excellent! Our 8 yr old boy n 6 yr old daughter love doing it first thing in the morning by themselves Takes them maybe 10 mins and they really enjoy it. We hope it will help them love God's word and get into daily habit of sitting at Jesus ' feet - it seems to be doing that so far .Can't recommend it enough.


“Highly recommended”

(Review written for 'XTB Subscription')

A first-rate bible reading resource for our 9 year old son. Clear, thought-provoking teaching with interesting puzzles to do which reinforce it. He loves doing it and never wants to miss one before he goes to bed.


“great- makes your child think”

(Review written for 'XTB Subscription')

My 8 year old girl loves this. It's easy to use, clearly Biblical, applies for the modern world and is not shy to ask hard questions. I've just signed up for year's subscription


“XTB notes for children”

(Review written for 'XTB Subscription')

My daughter is very much enjoying her XTB. As a parent it is good to see your children developing a taste for learning from scripture. XTB is working for her right now. Thanks


“Great resource!”

(Review written for 'XTB Subscription')

Our 8 year old daughter looks forward to doing her 'bible reading' each night - it is easy for her to read alone and understand the big picture of the passage. It also has interesting activities for her. Highly recommended!!


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