The Christmas Promise Advent Calendar

The Christmas Promise Advent Calendar

Includes 25 full-color stickers

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An advent calendar for young children with 25 full color stickers telling the Christmas story of how God kept His promise to send a new King

This calendar is now out of print for 2018.

Due to high demand, The Christmas Promise Calendar will not be available for this Christmas. Please consider The Littlest Watchman Calendar as an alternative.

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A long, long time ago – so long that it’s hard to imagine – God promised a new King. He wasn’t any ordinary king, like the ones we see on tv or in books. He would be different. He would be a new King; a rescuing King; a forever King!

This Calendar helps pre-school children discover how God kept His Christmas Promise. Inside the pack is an A3 fold-out image of Bethlehem, with a space for each day of Advent for your child to stick one of the 25 included stickers. On the back of the calendar is the story from 'The Christmas Promise' which you can recap a section of day-by-day.

This would be ideal to give to a child together with a copy of The Christmas Promise, or perhaps as a Christmas gift for Sunday Schools or toddler groups.

Please note that this calendar is designed for very young children and as such does not include questions or Bible text for each day of Advent. Instead, the idea is to read the story from The Christmas Promise each day, probably in snippets, and for the children to add a sticker to the picture as they look forward to Christmas.

If you are looking for something that might stretch older children, with more Bible input, why not have a look at The Coming of the King Advent Calendar or Christmas Opened Up.

Product details


Age range: 2 - 6
Author Catalina Echeverri, Alison Mitchell
ISBN 9781910307229
Format Calendar
First published 2014
Dimensions 8.3" x 11.7" x 0.1"
Language English
Pages 2
Publisher The Good Book Company
Customer reviews


I have been completing ths with my foster daughter who does not know the Christmas story apart from what she has heard at school. She loves puting the stickers on and we recap the story daily to put each picture in context. It has been a great hit


“Children like this”

This is the second year we have bought one and my daughter is enjoying using it. However, many of the stickers are fiddley shapes, they are easily torn and it is hard for an adult, let alone a young child, to stick them in accurately. I was also a bit disappointed that it is not very colourful (a night scene) and it doesn't tell the whole Christmas story, so there are lots of stickers of sheep (clearly not left behind in this version of the story) and trees (3 days) but no wise men, angels, innkeepers or donkeys. Still, it is something to do with youngish children that is based around the Bible story.


“Good but expensive”

I bought this advent calendar for my daughter (age 4). She will love putting the stickers on each day. It is a beautiful product but very simple, and I probably won't buy again as I feel it is a bit expensive for what it is.


“Great for preschoolers”

My toddler loved sticking the stickers down each day (with some help, obviously). I liked that it contained words expressing something of the meaning of Christmas even within the picture scene, and the story on the back was a nice touch. It's a much nicer, more 'tasteful' illustration than other Christian advent calendars I've seen.
It could be improved by using a different type of paper for the stickers, as they were surprisingly difficult to remove whole from the backing sheet compared to most other stickers we've used.


“Sticker Advent calendar”

This was a really sweet advent calendar with a difference. I bought it for the 4yr old daughter of Christian friends of mine. She has realy appreciated it and I know the telling of the Christmas story in this way will have a lasting impression. After all, Jesus is more than chocolates and presents!


“great for toddler”

Lovely illustrations, went very well with the book. Our preschooler loved the stickers and reading the book every day. Great idea.


“Use it with the Book!”

I was disappointed there was no devotional material like with the other Advent packs, but younger kids do LOVE stickers. I'm going to use this calendar with our creche group (2-5yo) at Church the Sunday before Christmas, as an interactive introduction before I read the book itself! We'll stick them on one-by-one (probably wonky!), each child taking turns. Echeverri's illustrations are really beautiful.



Really disappointed. Not value for money at all. For that price you can get chocolates with a Christian calendar too!

We are very sorry to hear of disappointment with this product. We know there are lots of advent calendars available with chocolates, but we wanted to offer one with stickers as many young children enjoy them. For this age group, we felt that The Christmas Promise story was the most appropriate thing to go with the stickers because the language and the narrative are easy to follow. We have also placed a 30% discount on the product. Ideally it would be purchased as an 'add on' item to the beautifully illustrated The Christmas Promise storybook (available in hardback or paperback), in order to re-inforce its content and further its impact


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The Christmas Promise Advent Calendar | Catalina Echeverri, Alison Mitchell | $9.99 $5.99