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1 Peter: Living well on the way home (ebook)

1 Peter: Living well on the way home ebook

Six studies for individuals or groups

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Six Bible studies on 1 Peter that will inspire you to live with joy and hope in the face of hardships.

Part of the Good Book Guides series.

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The Christian life, lived well, is not easy. That's because we don't belong in this world. Peter writes to churches who were being increasingly marginalized and misunderstood by their surrounding culture—to churches just like ours. Yet he did not tell them to retreat, but to keep journeying on, and to do so not with gritted teeth but with joy and hope.

These six sessions will inspire and equip you to live in that same way as you journey home.

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  • Introduction
    Why study 1 Peter?
    1. Certain future, joyful present (1 v 1-12)
    2. Loving Christ by loving your church (1 v 13 – 2 v 3)
    3. The greatest building (1 Peter 2 v 4-12)
    4. In his footsteps (2 v 13 - 3 v 7)
    5. Christ also suffered (3 v 8 – 4 v 6)
    6. Stand firm, for the end is at hand (4 v 7 – 5 v 14)
    Leader's Guide


Contributors Juan R. Sanchez Jr
Format eBook
First published March 2016
Case quantity 50
Language English
No. of studies 6
Publisher The Good Book Company
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1 Peter: Living well on the way home (ebook) | Juan R. Sanchez Jr |
$6.99 $4.19