Discipleship Explored Episodes (SD)

Discipleship Explored Episodes (SD)

Following Christ. What's it all about?

Individual episodes for each of the eight sessions of Discipleship Explored presented by Barry Cooper.

Discipleship Explored - 1. Confident in Christ.mp4 (+ $3.99)
Discipleship Explored - 2. Living in Christ.mp4 (+ $3.99)
Discipleship Explored - 3. Standing Together in Christ.mp4 (+ $3.99)
Discipleship Explored - 4. Transformed by Christ.mp4 (+ $3.99)
Discipleship Explored - 5. Righteous in Christ.mp4 (+ $3.99)
Discipleship Explored - 6. Knowing Christ.mp4 (+ $3.99)
Discipleship Explored - 7. Rejoicing in Christ.mp4 (+ $3.99)
Discipleship Explored - 8. Content in Christ.mp4 (+ $3.99)
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These episodes are in Standard Definition and are suitable for playing on smaller screens, laptops, tablets, ipads and mobile devices. Each episode is between 80-100Mb.

This eight-session journey through Paul's letter to the Philippians can be used with individuals or groups of any size to present the excitement, challenge and joy of following Christ. It's ideal for new Christians, or anyone who wants to know Christ more deeply.

This insightful and visually stunning DVD is written and presented by Barry Cooper, co-writer of Christianity Explored.

• DVD to accompany the Discipleship Explored course
• All the talks for the eight-session course
• Filmed on location around the UK
• Presented by Barry Cooper, co-author of Discipleship Explored
• To be used alongside the Leader's Guide and Handbook
• Price includes VAT

Note: The DVD content is the same as the 1st edition but the cover has been redesigned to match the revised version of Christianity Explored.

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  • Episodes:

  • 1. Confident in Christ
  • 2. Living in Christ
  • 3. Standing together in Christ
  • 4. Transformed by Christ
  • 5. Righteous in Christ
  • 6. Knowing Christ
  • 7. Rejoicing in Christ
  • 8. Content in Christ


These videos are encoded at SD 576p in the H264/MPEG4 format.

Download the sample below to check that it works on your equipment.

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Author Christianity Explored
Format Digital Download
Language English
Publisher The Good Book Company/CE
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Discipleship Explored Episodes (SD) | Christianity Explored | $29.99