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A 5 Minute Theology of Selfies

Rachel Jones | December 13th 2019

When did you last take a selfie? 

Chances are, pretty recently. According to Google, Android users post more than 93 million selfies every day, with the average millennial on track to post 25700 selfies in his or her lifetime (roughly one per day).  ... continue reading

Fourteen Christmas Resolutions We’ve All Made (in cat gifs)

Joe Henegan | November 22nd 2019

Christmas is here. We know because all the supermarket packaging has snowflakes and holly leaves on it.... continue reading

Are You Bored With The Nativity?

Christopher Ash | November 21st 2019

Confession time: I don’t particularly like Christmas. I think it goes back to my days as a local church minister with a young family.... continue reading

Gifts to Help People you Love Encounter Christ this Christmas

Joe Henegan | November 15th 2019

7 gift ideas for everyone in your life...... continue reading

Childlessness at Christmas

Christopher Ash | November 14th 2019

For many people, the Christmas season brings the pain of childlessness into sharper focus.... continue reading

Free Sample of our 2019 Advent Devotional

Christopher Ash | November 7th 2019

This year's Advent devotional is called Repeat the Sounding Joy and we want to giev you a sneak peek at it! In this Advent journey through Luke 1 – 2, Christopher Ash brings these familiar passages to life with fresh insight, color and depth.... continue reading

The Very Early Christmas Podcast

Joe Henegan | November 6th 2019

Christmas is coming! We're very excited at The Good Book Company because books are a such a great companion for the entire Christmas season. ... continue reading

Why We Don't Do Halloween (And What We Do Do Instead)

Andrew Phillips | October 30th 2019

This post is about why we, as family, don’t “do Halloween”—and what we do instead. Cue almost as much disagreement as a blog post about why someone doesn’t “do Santa” with their kids…... continue reading

Evangelism Should Be Like a 4D Cinema Not a Wikipedia Page

Glen Scrivener | October 10th 2019

It’s long been said that the mind is not a debating chamber, it’s a picture gallery. ... continue reading

Free Extras for your Christmas Services

Joe Henegan | October 1st 2019

Christmas isn’t quite upon us, but if you’re a church leader, chances are you’re already thinking (panicking) about your Christmas services. We're here to help. ... continue reading

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