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Matt Chandler on Rediscovering Evangelism During Christmas

Matt Chandler | December 11th 2018

I love Christmas, even more now than when I was a kid. And while early in my marriage, I was admittedly against decorating before Thanksgiving, I’ve even relaxed on that rule. Christmas is, without question, my favorite time of the year. But as much as I love the holiday and ...

Increased churchgoing at Christmas might be problematic

Carl Laferton | December 4th 2018

Numbers attending Christmas services is at its highest in more than a decade. Which is great, I think… and problematic, I worry.... continue reading

Your Church Can Own Christmas This Year

Joe Henegan | November 29th 2018

Christmas is upon us. The big adverts are out, the high street/shopping mall is super busy and there are snowflakes on all the food packaging. People are expectant. Can you feel it?... continue reading

Our 6 Best Black Friday Deals

Joe Henegan | November 23rd 2018

Deep discounts on resources to help you understand the Bible better.... continue reading

6 Fresh Ideas to Make Bedtime Reading (a Lot) More Fun

Tim Thornborough | November 21st 2018

There’s a telling scene in the Spielberg classic move Hook. The hero’s children have been kidnapped by the pirate captain, who tries to poison their minds against their parents. In true snake-like fashion, he tells them a lie wrapped up in a truth.... continue reading

Think About Love in a New Way this Christmas

Sinclair Ferguson | November 20th 2018

It’s almost Christmas time again and, to borrow the words of John Paul Young’s song, “Love is in the air”.  (“Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh” was how the chorus eloquently ended, if I remember rightly.)... continue reading

5 Gospel Promises that Minister to your Christmas Stress

Rachel Jones | November 15th 2018

It’s November—which means that, whether we like it or not, we’re snowballing down the hill towards Christmas.  ... continue reading

8 Gifts To Help 8 People You Know Encounter Christ This Christmas

Joe Henegan | November 14th 2018

Gifts for the stressed-out Christian, not-yet Christian, drifting Christian and for children of all ages.... continue reading

Why Focus on the Marriage Chapter at Christmas?

Sinclair Ferguson | November 13th 2018

If you randomly ask people what passages in the Bible they know, my guess is that 1 Corinthians 13 will easily come in the top ten, probably the top five and maybe even the top 3.... continue reading

Of Men and Angels: Day 1 of Sinclair Ferguson’s New Advent Devotional

Sinclair Ferguson | November 8th 2018

Have a sneak peek at Sinclair Ferguson's new Advent devotional. ... continue reading

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