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Should Christians abandon Christmas?

Sinclair Ferguson | November 6th 2018

The other year I read an article by a Christian lamenting the fact that his church celebrated Christmas. He didn’t believe it was “biblical.”... continue reading

6 Things to Remember About Family Devotions

Carl Laferton | November 2nd 2018

“Family devotions” is a two-word phrase that tends to provoke feelings of guilt, regret, pride or fear in Christian parents. In fact, I imagine you nearly didn’t start reading this blog.... continue reading

4 Truths for Grandparents to Embrace

Barbara Reaoch | October 26th 2018

Our position as the “grands” of our family gives us purpose and delight. With life’s long-range view, we see four ways childhood is a unique time to invest in the lives of our grandchildren.... continue reading

Preparing Your Kids For A Happy Christmas

Barbara Reaoch | October 23rd 2018

Parents, I’d like you to take a moment to think about Christmas. Yes, I know it’s only October, but hear me out! Also, if you read all the way to the end of this blog, there’s a free gift for you.... continue reading

Need a Mom? Buy one for $40 an hour

Catherine Parks | October 11th 2018

I have my mom on speed dial for emergency cooking questions, but there are many days when I wish she could be in my kitchen, demonstrating how to fold egg whites into my waffle batter.... continue reading

An Interview On Christmas Evangelism With Rico Tice

Rico Tice | October 1st 2018

In this interview, Rico Tice reveals how he overcomes the challenges of personal evangelism, his most encouraging evangelistic moments and why Christmas evangelism is so vital. ... continue reading

Seven Things Your Small-Group Leader Wishes You Knew

Tim Thornborough | September 3rd 2018

As soon as September starts, the Fall routine kicks in. ... continue reading

The 4 Books I'm So Glad We Published

Carl Laferton | July 3rd 2018

Editorial Director, Carl Laferton, chooses his 4 favorite books that we've published... ... continue reading

Should I give my child a smartphone?

Barbara Reaoch | March 27th 2018

The family’s decision to keep social media “off limits” had always worked well. But in high school, Eric’s friends began to tease him for not being on Instagram and Snapchat.... continue reading

9 things I learnt as a missionary in Kenya

Andy Harker | March 7th 2018

Learning from Kenyan Christians.... continue reading

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