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When it comes to Christmas, are you a “get to-er” or a “get through-er”?

Carl Laferton | November 27th 2017

When it comes to Christmas, all of us are “get to-ers” or “get through-ers”. ... continue reading

4 ways to make your visitors feel special this Christmas

Joe Henegan | November 23rd 2017

Christmas services are a great evangelistic opportuity. Making your guests feel welcome is more important than ever... ... continue reading

Can you imagine a grumble-free Christmas?

Tim Chester | November 15th 2017

Can you imagine a grumble-free Christmas? An argument-free zone? Not me. ... continue reading

The Most Important Day for your Christmas Outreach

Carl Laferton | November 14th 2017

When do you know that you, and your church, have had a 'good Christmas'?... continue reading

Why don’t people buy books about Jesus anymore?

Tim Chester | November 7th 2017

Let me talk about a strange phenomenon in Christian publishing: people don’t buy books about Jesus. Think about it. When was the last time you read a book about Jesus?... continue reading

Why the “wrong” Advent Calendar can be just right

Alison Mitchell | November 7th 2017

What do Barbie, Peppa Pig and Thor have in common? They all have their own Advent Calendars.... continue reading

Christmas Outreach Starts Now

Carl Laferton | October 17th 2017

Carl Laferton, author of Rescuing Christmas, suggests 5 questions to start asking yourself and your church in the run-up to Christmas ... continue reading

Silent night, holy night. All is NOT calm!

Joe Henegan | October 11th 2017

Think it's too early to start talking about Christmas? Think again ... continue reading

The Most Powerful Evangelistic Invitation You Can Give

Tim Thornborough | October 3rd 2017

Evangelism is becoming more difficult but the truthfulness and power of God's word remains the same — try inviting your friends to read Luke's gospel. ... continue reading

Six ways to answer the question: Is God really in control?

Christopher Ash | February 16th 2017

Any thoughtful person asks these questions. Is there a God? If so, what is God like? Is God really in control? In history, there have been perhaps six main ways of “answering” these questions... continue reading

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