Play through the Bible

20 weeks of fun play activities to explore Luke's Gospel with young children

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20 stories with play activities to introduce young children to Jesus

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Play through the Bible helps parents to explore the Bible with their child while having lots of fun playing together.

It contains 20 Bible stories from Luke’s Gospel, with suggestions for how to tell them creatively using actions and props. Each story is supported by a range of fun but simple play ideas to reinforce the story throughout the week: games, messy play, outdoor activities and crafts.

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Age range: 2 - 7
Author Alice Buckley
ISBN 9781909559196
Format Paperback
First published 2014
Dimensions 8.5" x 10.6"
Language English
Pages 64
Publisher The Good Book Company

What I love about “Play through the Bible” is that it connects natural conversations with young children about Jesus with simple everyday activities. The vast range of ideas means there's plenty to do whether I have lots of time to prepare or none at all.

Bekah Moore

co-author of Bake through the Bible

Customer reviews

“Recommended for church groups”

We have recently begun a new group for under 5's and Play Through The Bible is a great starting point for the group. It gives the basics of a bible story with simple activities and craft which the leader can add to. Thorough recommend it for this purpose.


“Learning about Jesus that’s fun and do-able!”

If anyone understands about running a home, looking after young children and still finding time to help them learn about Jesus in a fun way, it’s the author of this book! The interactive stories, simple catch-phrases, easy crafts, and little games have already been tested out in the author’s home! The idea is that you can make a story last a week as you don’t have to do it all at once; you string it out as and when you have a moment to do one of the components of the session. This is not just easy and fun – it also makes for effective learning as repeating the catch-phrase or chatting about the story encourages good recall. I’ve bought for family and friends – and our church creche!


“Must-buy for parents of young kids”

Ever since I discovered the Play on the Word blog two years ago I have been waiting for this book, and it did not disappoint. Alice’s method of teaching the Bible to children was a complete revelation to me, and meant that I could suddenly have conversations with my preschool son about the Bible in a way I never could before. There are so few people who know how to communicate the Bible well to young children, and Alice Buckley is incredibly gifted in this area.

The idea is that it takes you through the book of Luke, with a preschooler-friendly retelling of the Bible story and a ‘recipe book’-style selection of activities that you can do with your preschooler that will help them engage with it. It’s not a ‘read a bedtime story’ kind of book, but a ‘helpful resource’ kind of book. Whatever your child is into: craft, drawing, role-play, messy play, there will be an activity to suit them, which means that it is really adaptable and you can personalise it for your child, and the stories link into the Beginner’s Bible, so you can have continuity there.

Alice recommends that you take one week to do each story, so that the activities are spread throughout the week, and the story gets retold and reinforced. If I had had this book when my boy was little (even 1 year) I would have definitely been doing it at that stage, because it is so easy to adapt, and brilliant even for very young children or children with special needs. It makes learning about Jesus fun, and enables you to bring spiritual matters into the everyday. This is a must-buy for any Christian parent who wants to teach their young child the Bible, (especially preschooler age, 2-4 years old). Above all, this book shines with love for Jesus, and makes it exciting for children to encounter him in these stories. I suspect there will be a lot of Christian parents getting this as a Christmas present this year. Highly recommended.


“Will change a generation!”

Such a brilliant resource for families. This book is UNIQUE in bringing God's word to those too young to verbally communicate (although those old enough to do so will gain massively from it too!) Alice is a master storyteller, and the design is fab too. Our family love the play ideas, and in fact have been using Alice's ideas (from her fab blog) for three years! Read a longer review here:


“great resource for parents and childrens workers”

I received my copy of the book yesterday, having already owned Bake through the Bible I was excited about the publication of another book in the series. I love the way that it is laid out with all the ideas for one bible story on one page, making it easier to refer to it while being able to focus on the children you are with.
Alice has done all the hard work, she has come up with lots of ideas for play and interactions with children to relate to the bible story and make it more relevant to them.The ideas require very little preparation and often use things you can easily pick up around the house. I love the ideas to use when out and about and these are especially relevant to those at home with preschoolers.
Although it is aimed at parents, I feel that it is a great resource for those working with preschool or infant children too in children's groups, Messy church, Sunday school or similar groups. It would also be a wonderful tool for those working with children with additional needs, I love the signing suggestions at the back of the book.


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Play through the Bible | Alice Buckley | $14.99 $12.74