Micah For You

Acting Justly, Loving Mercy

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Expository Bible-study guide to Micah, a radical call to take justice more seriously and to offer mercy more lavishly.

Part of the God's Word For You series.

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We live in a world that craves justice. But what transforms us to truly seek justice, even at cost to ourselves? And what enables us to do so in a way that also offers mercy?

Stephen Um opens up the book of Micah, showing how God’s call to his people then is God’s call to his people now—a call to so enjoy the gospel that we are freed to seek true justice and offer real mercy. This minor prophet is a voice for our times.

This Expository Guide takes you verse by verse through the text in an accessible and applied way. It is less academic than a traditional commentary and can be read cover-to-cover, used in personal devotions, used to lead small group studies, or used for sermon preparation.

There is an accompanying Good Book Guide for small group Bible studies.

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  • Introduction
  • 1. The End of Idolatry
  • 2. Oppression Called Out
  • 3. Power Reconsidered
  • 4. Hope Restored
  • 5. The Long Road to Restoration
  • 6. The Unexpected Restorer
  • 7. Rescued for Restoration
  • 8. Justice
  • 9. Did God Do the Math?
  • 10. Recovering the Ability to Lament
  • 11. Who is Like God?
  • Glossary

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Author Stephen Um
ISBN 9781909559752
Format Hardback
First published April 2018
Dimensions 5.3" x 8.5" x 0.7"
Print size 9pt
Case quantity 52
Language English
Pages 176
Publisher The Good Book Company

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D.A. Carson

Research Professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Illinois; President, The Gospel Coalition

Micah for You is a very helpful lay commentary written by an experienced and expert Bible teacher. Stephen Um takes you through the argument of this reforming prophet, not only making sense of the flow of the book but expertly unpacking the nature of sin and idolatry, the threat of judgment, and the need for hope. Micah is well known for his passionate plea for justice and integrity, and through Dr. Um's exposition Micah, though long dead, still speaks to our broken generation. Particularly helpful are the ways in which Dr. Um draws carefully thought-through connections between this prophet in ancient Israel and the Lord Jesus Christ and his gospel.

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(Review written for 'Zechariah: God's Big Plan for struggling Christians')

Thought provoking and challenging but very easy to follow and understand


“Thought provoking and helpful”

(Review written for 'Zechariah: God's Big Plan for struggling Christians')

I was looking for something to encourage me to look at some Old Testament writings within a small group setting. The Good Book Company have resources that I have used with children so I had a look at some of their other material. There was plenty to choose from and I picked a few of the OT prophetic writings to see if anything could be useful to our group. I'm happy with the content and layout as you have to read the passage then answer some questions and apply it to a modern context. I'll probably suggest these for use in the group but I'll also use them for my own personal study.



(Review written for 'Zechariah: God's Big Plan for struggling Christians')

I offered this up to my ladies study group, I personally enjoyed the deeper method of study, but have studied scripture academically. Most of my group found it difficult to grasp and I had to stop. I'm hoping that in the future they will try again. I shall continue alone for the time being as I found it fascinating. We need to try the meat sometimes and move on from spoon feeding.


“Micah for you”

excellent book for the study of Macah

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