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Christianity Explored DVD (Czech)

Christianity Explored DVD (Czech)

Introduce people to the Christianity from Mark's Gospel

This two-disc DVD set includes nearly four hours of material and is filmed on location around the United Kingdom.

Part of the Christianity Explored series.


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This two-disc DVD set includes nearly four hours of material and is filmed on location around the United Kingdom. Each main episode lasts for around 20 minutes and features on-screen Bible text and questions for group discussion. The Exploring Christian Life episodes last for around 10 minutes.

As well as being easy to use, the DVD set also features improved picture quality and a re-mastered soundtrack as well as subtitles, a trailer, a preview and a 40-page guide to using the series.

The DVD is designed to work alongside the books How to run the Course; Study Guide; and Study Guide - Leader's Edition.

With a total running time of nearly four hours and featuring on-screen Bible text, the Christianity Explored DVD Series enables you to run a course if you don't want to deliver talks "live".

In 2004, the Series received an Award of Distinction at the Communicator Awards, an international competition honoring excellence in communications.

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Please note: This is the PAL version of the DVD. Customers in North and South Amercia and some parts of Asia will need to buy the NTSC version of the DVD set. Here is a list of countries that use the NTSC standard.

Product details


  • Program listing:
    1: Introduction
    2: Jesus - Who was he?
    3: Jesus - Why did he come?
    4: Jesus - His Death
    5: What is Grace?
    6: Jesus - His Resurrection

  • Exploring Christian Life:
    Programs 1-4
    - The Church, The Holy Spirit, Prayer, The Bible

  • 7: What is a Christian?
    8: Continuing as a Christian
    9: Choices - King Herod
    10: Choices - James, John & Bartimaeus

  • Total running time: 232 minutes


Contributors Rico Tice
Format DVD
Language Czech
Pages 16
Publisher Promise CZ

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Other information

Christianity Explored is a ten-week course that introduces people to Christianity using the Gospel of Mark as its basis. Written by Rico Tice and Barry Cooper and originally run as a course at All Souls Church, Langham Place in London - where it is still in use - this widely-used course aims to introduce people to Jesus as they read the gospel of Mark - who he is, why he came and what it means to follow him.

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