A Very Noisy Christmas

A fun re-telling of the Christmas story for young children, including regular invitations to make some noise!

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Some people think that Christmas was a "Silent Night". Far from it. It was filled with shouting, singing and screaming! It was as noisy as any of our Christmas celebrations.

This fun and fresh retelling of the Christmas story comes with invitations to make some noise, so that children can join in as parents read to them. But it also shows children that at the heart of the Christmas story is something we should all be quiet and see: God's Son Jesus was born, so that we can be friends with God forever.

A wonderful Christmas gift for children aged 2-4.

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Age range: 2 - 4
Author Tim Thornborough, Jennifer Davison
ISBN 9781784982904
Format Paperback
First published 2018
Dimensions 8.3" x 8.3" x 0.2"
Language English
Pages 24
Publisher The Good Book Company
Customer reviews


(Review written for 'Download the full size images - A Very Noisy Christmas')

This is the second time we have used a Christmas story book w at our Crib service to give a fresh and interactive version of the Christmas story. We projected the downloadable images, had a narrator and some actors to be the shepherds/angels/wisemen (changing costumes quickly) and the congregation joining in the with the 'Shhhh' etc. It was great!


“Great resource for a family service”

(Review written for 'Download the full size images - A Very Noisy Christmas')

Used the book and the downloadable PDF pictures for 'Jesus' Birthday Party' event. It made a great way of sharing the Christmas story in an interactive way...lots of noise was made!


“Great book for young children”

This is a bright, well-illustrated book with a fun way of getting across the message of Christmas to young children. Highly recommended.


“Nursery kids loved it”

I used this for our local school nursery kids and they loved it. The combination of loud and soft - and repeating the loud words especially kept them very engaged. The nursery teacher loved it too and wanted a copy for herself - she now has mine - I'll be back next Christmas!


“Great book for little ones”

I bought this book with my 2 and 4 year olds in mind and they loved it. You read some bits quietly and some bits loud which they found entertaining!


“Excellent book for explaining Christmas”

I wanted a children's book as a gift for parents and young children to read at our parents and tots group and was impressed by the tone and content of this book. It presents the Christmas message clearly in a fun way and is illustrated very well. The books were delivered very promptly. Thank you very much


“Great for toddler”

My 2yo loves it and refers to it as the 'Ah...Angel' book. A Sunday School teacher adapted it with the help of older children to tell the Christmas story to a group of 3-9yo and it was very engaging for the older children. (We are an English speaking church in the majority world)



We have just used "A very Noisy Christmas" (turning it into a script for 2 storytellers, with the illustrations on powerpoint) at our toddler group carol service - it was great at engaging the children (pre-schoolers) as they particpated well with storytellers' "Shhhhhh"s and "WOW"s and heard the Christmas story of rescue in an exciting way. The guests have all taken a copy of the book home to read again with their families. Thank you for this resource... I imagine we'll be doing the same thing again next year!


“Fantastic exciting retelling of the Christmas Story.”

Tim has done an amazing job with this retelling of the Christmas story. I was so thrilled when our three year old granddaughter received this from her playschool. Charlotte loves it.


“A fun book, beautiful illustrations - a great gift”

Throughout the book there are lines to shout and lines to whisper which I think children will love. It describes Jesus as the rescuer and king of all the world who came so that we could be friends with God so if giving to non-Christians then I think it will not seem too wierd to them.
My only tip to the publishers is that if you do another print run in the future, it might be better to use a thicker and slightly bigger font for the normal text in the book as that would make it easier for children to read along too.
I would recommend all Christian families have a copy and it is ideal as a gift.


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A Very Noisy Christmas | Tim Thornborough, Jennifer Davison | $4.99 $4.24