CY Starter Pack

CY Starter Pack

A seven-week course for young people

from 20 reviews

Starter Pack for this popular 11-14 year old's version of Christianity Explored

Part of the CY series.

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The CY Starter Pack is a great way for churches to get started with the CY course. It contains two Leader's Guides and nine Handbooks and represents a 20% saving on buying them separately.

CY is perfect for introducing Jesus to 11-14 year olds from Mark's Gospel and features a range of activities, talks and Bible studies to get the gospel message across. In seven interactive sessions, 11-14 year olds will find out what Christians believe, discover the Bible’s answers to the big questions of life and explore what Christianity is really all about.

Don't forget to register your course for access to extra resources from Christianity Explored Ministries.

Download free extra material to help run your CY course!

CY Talk Outlines
All the talk outlines for the seven CY sessions in a single document.

CY Talks
CY talks in an editable document to adapt and make your own.

Extra Ideas
Extra game and introduction ideas that didn’t make it into the manual, together with alternative talk illustrations.

Feedback forms
Printable feedback forms for both CY and Soul to be used at the end of the course.

Guess Who quiz
Powerpoint template for the quiz to be used in Week 2.

Inside Track Talks – PDF or Word Document
Talk outlines for the Inside Track weekend/day away available in either PDF format or in an editable document to adapt and make your own.

Tangrams game
Powerpoint template for the game to be used in Week 7.

The Mark Challenge
Printable sheet for encouraging the group to read through Mark’s Gospel during the CY course.

Visuals and Activities
Downloadable version of all the images and activity sheets for use during CY and Soul.

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  • 2 x Leader's Guide
    9 x Handbook


Age range: 11 - 14
Contributors Christianity Explored
ISBN 9781908762689
Format Multiple-component retail product
Dimensions 6" x 9" x 2.3"
Language English
Publisher The Good Book Company/CE
Customer reviews


“Well thought through and intentional”

(Review written for 'CY Handbook')

This is an excellent resource that you can have confidence in. I looked through it with my couple of younger leaders and we compared it with other resources. There are others out there that look more visually appealing and trendier but if you want confidence in content go for this. It is more intentional with conveying the gospel than the others we looked at. One of my young leaders said ‘we know they will have heard the gospel at the end. We will know what they are saying yes to or rejecting.’ 4 stars only because it needs a bit of a visual update on the booklets


“Good for our year 6s”

(Review written for 'CY Handbook')

Every year in the summer term, we run the CY course with our year 6 kids. I mix the CY material with the Epic Explorers material to get the right balance for these 10 and 11 year olds. I like the CY handbooks because it gives the kids something to take home each week, and therefore the potential to chat with their parents about things they've discussed in the group. It also provides a focus in the group, and makes each child think about their answers.


“Great Content - Art is dated”

(Review written for 'CY Handbook')

The structure of the course, the layout of the books and the content itself has worked very well for our group - the 'streetwise' art style doesn't detract but isn't massively attractive and is perhaps a little too try-hard for the youth we have been working with. Still, a reliable, recommended resource.


“excellent resource for young teenagers”

(Review written for 'CY Handbook')

I am running a Christian Union for students in my school and have recently started the CY course. The handbook is nicely laid out and has just the right balance between pre-printed information and space for the students to write their own thoughts and notes. The leader's guide is fabulous, too, as it contains notes which help me to give each session's talk myself and tailor it to my group.



(Review written for 'CY Leader's Guide')

This book is excellent. We use it to teach the Gospel to vulnerable adults, many of whom have not encountered the Bible before. The accessibility of the teaching (which has been designed for young people) works very well in this context. We have also used some of the activities and games which have been fun and have helped to illustrate different points. We don't do 'talks' only small group interactive studies so I've had to adapt the talk material myself. It's also slightly confusing having the talks in a separate section at the back of the book. Overall this book has really helped us to explain the Gospel piece by piece in an accessible way - thank you!


“Exactly what we needed!”

(Review written for 'CY Handbook')

We just started this study with our junior highers. All our teens are unchurched and from some very broken backgrounds. This has been a great way to introduce them Christ and His Word without overwhelming them or speaking way over their heads. Thank you for this wonderful resource!!!!!



(Review written for 'CY Leader's Guide')

This is a really handy resource for both Christian and non-Christian teens in a youth group or church weekend away. Let's you gauge where they're at spiritually and is super clear in explaining the things they may not understand. Solid stuff.


“Very useful”

(Review written for 'CY Handbook')

I'm doing the CY course with my church 10 and 11 year olds, before they start secondary school. The handbooks for the kids are great. We talk about the questions first, and then they write their answers in. It's an excellent course. It's very clear. For my kids who've made commitments, it confirms their decision and makes them more confident to share it with their friends. For the children that haven't made a decision to follow Jesus, it helps them explore what the gospel is in a safe environment.


“An excellent resource for 10-14 year olds - thanks! ”

(Review written for 'CY Handbook')

I am finding the CY resources really useful with a small Confirmation group at a prep school - they like the snappy format and relevant way it introduces Christian faith through Mark's Gospel. The questions are thought provoking and intelligent and age specific. The extra resources available, e.g. games and ice breakers, are also really good. Thank you!



(Review written for 'CY Handbook')

This was a quick service, that was easy to use. Absolutely fantastic!

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