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A large-print download of the quarter's Explore Bible reading notes for those with impaired vision.

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Large print download of the quarter's Explore Bible reading notes in PDF format for those with impaired vision. Read it on your computer, or print it out to use.

Many Christians find it difficult to regularly read the Bible. It can be quite a task to find one's way around such a large, diverse and ancient collection of writings. Some of the books in the Bible are historical, some are poetic, some are prophetic, some take the form of letters. The big question is - how does it all fit together?

The best way to find the answer is to adopt a pattern of daily Bible study and prayer. Not only does this give the reader more knowledge of the Bible, but more importantly it offers a chance to listen and hear God speaking personally to them through His strongest medium - The Word.

Explore gives you the opportunity to delve into areas of the Bible that have perhaps eluded you for years: the laws of Leviticus; the wisdom of Proverbs; the meaninglessness of Ecclesiastes; the pain and suffering of Job; the terrifying apocalyptic imagery of Revelation. Explore shows how the Old and New Testaments are linked and how God's promises of salvation for his people are fulfilled in Jesus Christ. It also challenges the reader every day to be more like Him.

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Author Carl Laferton
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Language English
Publisher The Good Book Company

If you want reliable guides to lead you, with a light but faithful touch, as you work through and apply chunks of Scripture in your own life, there's no need to look any further than this wonderful series.

Dr Lee Gatiss

Director of Church Society

A trustworthy and convenient tool for helping people to dig into the Scriptures themselves.

Mike McKinley, Pastor and 9 Marks blogger

Reliable, faithful and accessible. Fantastic for anyone who wants to get started in spending regular time in God's Word.

Steve Timmis, Co-author of Total Church and Global Director of Acts 29

Customer reviews

“Great resource”

(Review written for 'Explore - 1 year subscription')

It is good to study the Bible systematically and Explore facilitates just that with comment by sound biblical scholars that not only challenges the mind to grapple with truth but also engages the heart to bring about change in thinking and conduct.


“A good start to the day”

(Review written for 'Explore - 1 year subscription')

We have been using 'Explore' for a couple of years and find them very good. They are enjoyable, thought provoking and a good way to read and study the Bible.


“Succinct, structured and thoughtful”

(Review written for 'Explore - 1 year subscription')

I have often grappled with making the most of my engagement with the Bible in the limited time I have in the mornings. Explore is very helpful in providing some structure to my reading and reflection of God’s words, with thoughtful and succinct suggestions for application and prayer. :)


“Fantastic daily reader/guide”

(Review written for 'Explore - 1 year subscription')

I have been using these guides for years and wouldn't start my day without them. The topics are always relevant, the teaching is sound and you get to read the whole Bible eventually, a day at a time.


“So glad I found this!”

(Review written for 'Explore - 1 year subscription')

I have searched for years to find a consistent, systematic Bible study that really helps you to look deeper into God's word as well as offering practical applications - I am so glad I came across this! It is WELL worth the £16.99 yearly subscription - I highly recommend it.


“very good”

(Review written for 'Explore - 1 year subscription')

very good


“spiritual breakfast”

(Review written for 'Explore - 1 year subscription')

For me, this starts the day well and encourages me to read the whole of the Bible bit by bit and to feed my soul. I like to have a good variety of writers to give me differing angles of commentary on God's wonderful truth.


“A great habit!”

(Review written for 'Explore - 1 year subscription')

Explore has become my ‘daily bread’, first thing every morning. Each bite-sized lesson is wonderfully cross referenced between testaments and prophecies demonstrating the power and fulfilment of Our Lord God’s Word and enabling me to truly know Him and grow as a Christian.


“always helpful”

(Review written for 'Explore - 1 year subscription')

I have been using Explore for some years now. Sometimes I have got tired of a scheme and wanted to break out and do my own thing for a bit, but this has not happened with Explore. There is a variety of writers and they are all good at keeping the amounts to take in manageable and profitable, with sound applications. I have a number of friends who also use Explore and we are often able to apply what we have read in the morning to situations around us.
I have also found the studies useful for sharing with my church's ladies' group. In our meetings we want to spend time catching up with each other and having some time to pray, but, many, especially young mums, like to include some Bible study, too, and these studies give manageable amounts for that situation. Often group Bible study notes assume an uninterrupted hour or so, and that we do not have!
I would recommend Explore to those young or old in the faith.


“The best”

(Review written for 'Explore - 1 year subscription')

In my opinion these are the best Bible reading notes out there. Almost always on the money. The notes drive you back to the text and they offer wonderful insights, alongside helping application and prayer. I use Explore and I encourage my Church family to choose Explore.


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