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Explore App Troubleshooting

We're sorry that you are having difficulty with your Explore App. Have a look at the list of FAQs below - they may help you sort out your difficulty.

If your issue is not addressed below, we would be grateful if you would fill out the form at the bottom to report the problem. We promise that we will get back to you straight away to help.

How do I see the Bible text?

Tap on a Bible reference and that passage will be displayed. Or you can swipe left to see the Bible text, and swipe right to get back to the Explore notes.

How do I download more Bible readings?

Tap the Download button on the home page. Any available notes will be displayed. Tap on the one you want to buy, enter your itunes password, and it will download straight to the app.

How do I select a different month of readings from within the app?

From the home page, tap Library. Any issues that you have bought will be displayed. Simply tap the one that you want to use and then select a reading from the list displayed.

How do I delete issues that I have already read?

Tap the Library tab. Tap the issue that you want to delete. Tap "Delete issue" in the top right corner.

How do I share the Explore App with a friend?

If you have an Apple device, find the Explore App in the App Store and tap "Tell a friend". If you have an Android device, simply share the link to the page on the Android Market.


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