All about Christmas

Over 100 Amazing Facts behind the Christmas Story

from 11 reviews

Kids 7-10 will love this fun and fascinating book bursting with facts about Christmas and colorful photography.

Part of the All About... series.

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Bursting with colorful photography, this essential reference guide helps curious young minds check out the facts behind the very first Christmas, as well as enjoy fun stories about the way Christmas is celebrated around the world.

Inside the pages of All about Christmas, you'll find:
- engaging content suitable for children ages 7-10
- colorful photography with clear text in bite-sized "fact file" chunks of information to encourage and inform even reluctant readers
- punchy facts providing at-a-glance information
- hardback format, making it the perfect gift
- perfect for Homeschool Co-ops

Go back in time and explore fascinating facts about the Roman civilization at the time of Jesus’ birth, what the life of a shepherd was like, and how far Mary and Joseph traveled to get to Bethlehem. Plus, have fun checking out why Germans hide pickles and why Icelandic children leave their shoes on the window sill on Christmas Eve!

Children will learn that the Christmas story is rooted in real places, real people, and real historic events, so they can be confident that it is fact, not fiction.

Written by award-winning author Alison Mitchell, whose previous books include Jesus and the Lion’s Den and The One O’Clock Miracle, and Andre Parker, co-creator of Seek And Find Old Testament Stories and Seek and Find New Testament Stories. Download a free book club kit from the "Free extras" section to use alongside the book.

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  • Introduction
    The First Christmas
    How Luke Starts His Story
    Promises from Long Ago
    Believing God's Words
    All about Angels
    Amazing Message for Mary
    Daily Life
    Mary Visits Elizabeth
    Singing at Christmas
    Joseph's Night-time Surprise
    The Roman Empire
    The Birth of Jesus Christ
    Who's in Charge?
    Shepherds and Angels
    Christmas Traditions around the World
    Too Old for Christmas?
    Some Very Wise Men
    Who Were the Magi?
    Horrible Herod
    Why Does Christmas Matter?
    What Happened Next?
    Illustrated glossary


Age range: 7 - 11
Contributors Alison Mitchell
ISBN 9781784987763
Format Hardback
First published September 2022
Dimensions 8.7" x 10.2" x 0.4"
Case quantity 50
Language English
Pages 48
Publisher The Good Book Company

Jonty Allcock

Pastor of Bush Hill Park Community Church, London; author of Lost and Fearless

This is brilliant. As you investigate the facts of the Christmas story you will be intrigued, informed and amazed at what really happened. And best of all, you will discover why Jesus is still worth celebrating today.

Chris Morphew

Author, Best News Ever, Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen?

"All About Christmas" is the sort of book I would have spent endless hours poring over as a kid. Alison Mitchell weaves the biblical accounts of the first Christmas together with maps, diagrams, photos, and loads of fun facts to create a beautiful book that grounds the good news of Jesus' birth in living, breathing history. I can't wait to start handing this book out to my students!

Champ Thornton

Author of The Radical Book for Kids

Alison Mitchell roots Christmas in facts—fun facts, cool facts, amazing facts, but all of them true facts! This bright, colorful, and engaging book anchors the good news of Jesus’ birth in history and spreads a Christmas feast for hungry eyes, minds, and hearts!

Customer reviews


“Disappointing book”

We bought the book for our three grand-children, ages 8-12.
Quite disappointed with it. It was far too wordy for the suggested lower age of 7. Probably should be for 10-12 year olds.
We were also disappointed by some of the content. Although no doubt correct about the date of Christmas and visit of the Magi we do not think it is helpful to suggest the "traditional" view is wrong, to this age group. It may cause them to start to doubt the factual accuracy of the Bible as a whole. These points would be best left to older (teens) to discuss.
Sorry, but we would not recommend the book for a 7-11 age range.

Thank you for your feedback. We seek to give a helpful age bracket but of course all children are different, and so while we’ve had lots of positive feedback from 8-year-olds, we appreciate that not all 8-year-olds will enjoy this particular format.
We take the view that it’s wise to help children differentiate between what the Bible does actually say and what ’tradition’ suggests, so that they can have more confidence in the factual accuracy of what the Bible teaches, and more confidence that books such as this one are resting on Scripture as their final authority, rather than other sources/ideas. Again, we appreciate that there is a judgement to be made about how much to say, and when.


“It’s like a Visual Christmas Encyclopedia”

This is a fantastic idea and well executed. It’s like a visual encyclopedia giving facts and information surrounding the birth of Christ. It also breaks down passages with definitions which helps children engage with the Word all the more.


“Faith-filled Fun for Everyone!”

All About Christmas is the first book in the “All About. . .” series by The Good Book Company. The book is full of fun facts about the observation of Christmas as a holiday and about the biblical account of the birth of Christ. This book is unique in that it offers readers the opportunity to gain a fuller understanding of the historical and cultural contexts that existed around the time of Jesus’s birth. It also helps readers understand how Christmas is commonly celebrated on December 25th.

While it is a common tradition to refer to Christmas as Jesus’s birthday, I am grateful that the book explains, “The Bible doesn’t tell us the date Jesus was born, or even the time of year, but he was almost certainly not born on December 25th. December 25th was chosen a very long time ago as a day to celebrate Jesus being born,” (pg. 4).

All About Christmas also examines the history of various Christmas traditions like singing Christmas carols and it gives details about Christmas traditions worldwide. One tradition we enjoyed learning about is the German tradition of finding the hidden pickle in the Christmas tree. My girls found the photo of the fat tailed sheep on page 31 particularly hilarious and I’ll admit, I found it to be funny too. This book is really well done as it is fun and faithful to Scripture. I appreciated the author’s acknowledgment about the Bible not detailing how many magi were present when the magi visited Jesus.

All About Christmas is a really fun book that I see us reading through every Christmas and we look forward to reading the forthcoming book in the same series, All About Bible Animals.

I received All About Christmas compliments of The Good Book company in exchange for my honest review.


“Fun way to bring the Christmas story to life for kids!”

My kids love books with facts. They love to learn and regularly devour non-fiction books on a variety of topics. They enjoy encyclopedia type books and learning books like Usborne. All About…Christmas is right up their alley!

The author shares over 100 facts with pictures about the Christmas story. This is a fabulous way to have the Christmas story come alive in a new way for kids. It includes Scripture, real life pictures and beautiful illustrations, definitions, and even has a glossary at the end. It covers topics from “How Luke starts his story” to “Angel warnings” (re: King Herod and the wisemen) and everything in between!

For curious kids like mine, this book is a hit. There’s also a quiz at the end of the book which is a fun way to see how much your children can recall after having read the book. The homeschool mom in me thinks this book would be a fun way to “do school” during Christmastime.


“Real and True”

Is the Christmas story fact or fiction? In All About Christmas, Alison Mitchell shares over 100 amazing facts behind the Christmas story.

With colorful photography and playful text, this 50-page hardback book is best for ages 7-11 to show them the facts about Christmas. Fascinating and fun, this book will engage with curious kids and answer their questions.

Real and True

I was most pleased to see sections on daily life during the times of Jesus and pictures detailing how a baby is carried in the womb. These are important details that bring new life to the biblical story.

Help your children see this season that the Christmas story is real and true. Give them confidence to trust God’s Word. And point them to Jesus — the way, the truth, and the life.

I received a media copy of All About Christmas and this is my honest review.


“A great Christmastime reference book”

This is a good reference book for older kids (7-10) to learn more about the truths surrounding Christmas. The book covers topics like why Jesus’ birthday is celebrated on Dec 25, the promises God made about the coming Messiah, daily life when Jesus was born, and even Christmas carols. It utilizes the accounts from Matthew and Luke to guide the conversation and concludes with a brief overview of Jesus’ ministry as an adult. The book also includes a quiz and glossary.

There are lots of pictures and plenty of information to digest so it makes a nice reference book for Christmastime!


“Coffee-table book for all ages!”

This is a book for the entire family, chockfull of fascinating facts about the history of Christmas and life during Jesus' time that it is truly a book for all ages: My younger children enjoyed finding a page or two for me to read to them, while I myself was enthralled by page after page!

Basically, the book walks you through the Christmas story as told by Luke and Matthew. It breaks these passages down, defining words and incorporating cross-references, while also giving a more well-rounded picture of their meaning and putting them in context. There is also just really interesting things you learn, such as:

what life was like for kids during Jesus’ day and the toys and games they played
Biblical background about angels
information about the Roman occupation and King Herod
the history of some of the first Christmas carols
different Christmas traditions from around the world.
Thick with beautiful pictures and illustrations, it is a coffee-table-worthy book that you could leave out and thumb through for all of Advent and reread again and again each year.


“A Nice Fact Book for a Gift”

A great fact book all about Christmas, sharing lots of interesting information about both the story of the first Christmas and other things like some lesser known things about favourite carols. It’s a sweet gift for a child at Christmas, perhaps towards the older end of primary school, to answer some of the questions they might have about the Bible’s story. It didn’t blow me away so doesn’t get the full 5 stars, but it’s something I haven’t seen before so would make a nice addition to the bookcase!


“Important and Interesting Facts about Christmas”

Do you think you know all the details about Christmas? I thought I did, but I was wrong.

All About Christmas is an educational, informative book. It claims to have over 100 amazing facts about the Christmas story. I didn’t count them, but it is a lot.

The book is hardback with thick, glossy pages. It will stand up to abuse by children as I know they will find something new to learn every time they open the book.

The first two pages consist of a map and timeline, which I love. It really helps put the “where” and “when” into perspective with the other details in the book.

There’s plenty of pictures of artwork, statues, and other real-life objects to make the Christmas facts more real in your mind.

Just because All About Christmas is filled with facts, doesn’t mean it’s boring. It is a very interesting book, and you can’t help but turn the page to see what is coming next.

Scripture text of the Christmas story is included, as well as vocabulary definitions and explanations of phrases.

At the end of the book is a multiple-choice quiz, that I enjoyed. The answers are provided.

I would highly recommend this book for any family that wants to learn additional details about Christmas and the culture of the era. All About Christmas would also be a great asset to an elementary and middle school Sunday school classroom.

A big thank you to The Good Book Company for this complimentary product to review. These opinions are 100% my own.


“Excellent Reference Guide”

This well-designed reference guide introduces children to the historical context for Christmas, moving through the account in the gospel of Luke. The book explains key concepts, defines vocabulary words, and shares background information. The sidebars are attractive and easy to read, and Alison Mitchell packs a lot of information and photos into the pages without any of this seeming cluttered. "All about Christmas" will appeal to kids who like the DK Eyewitness series, and unlike many recent imitators, this book isn't flashy or overstimulating.

"All about Christmas" will appeal to many elementary-aged children who enjoy reading nonfiction and want to learn more about the factual basis for their faith. The pages about Roman history are especially clarifying, helping kids understand the political and social backdrop for the Christmas story. My one critique is that it would have been helpful if the author had included more information about why we should trust the biblical accounts of Jesus's life. When Mitchell introduces Luke, she explains how he wrote his gospel based on eyewitness stories, but she could have enhanced this with a kid-level summary of evidence against common myths, such as the claim that the gospel manuscripts changed dramatically over time.

This book is a great resource for any family or Sunday school class that wants to explore the historical basis for Christmas and the Christian faith. It will appeal to a broad age range, especially if parents simplify it for younger kids and leave out some of the more complex information when reading it aloud. Elementary-aged kids will enjoy reading this to themselves and looking at the different pictures, maps, and diagrams, and the book has strong reread potential because it is so information-rich and thorough.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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All about Christmas | Alison Mitchell | $17.99 $15.29