Hymns We Love DVD

Hymns We Love DVD

Exploring Hymns That Take Us to the Heart of the Christian Faith

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DVD for this evangelistic course that shares the good news of Jesus with elderly people by exploring the Christian beliefs expressed in some of the nation’s best-loved hymns.

Please note that the two trailers on the DVD have mistakenly been listed under the wrong titles. The 'Trailer for Leaders' actually plays the trailer for guests, and the 'Trailer for Guests’ plays the trailer for leaders. Our apologies for this error which will be corrected in the next reprint. 

Part of the Hymns We Love series.

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Older adults are the fastest-growing age demographic across the Western world, and yet there are few materials to support churches who want to help this older generation hear about God’s love.

Hymns We Love aims to fill that gap. It is a gentle outreach program which uses well-loved hymns to share the good news of Jesus and key truths about God’s character in an accessible way. Many in this generation have grown up singing these hymns at school, church, or Sunday school, and they have therefore proved to be a non-threatening and accessible way to connect with seniors and help them to engage with the gospel.

The series comprises five video sessions which are on this dvd. Each one tells the story of the hymn writer, how the hymn came to be, and the Christian message behind it. Across the five sessions, Hymns We Love will help bring the core truths of the Christian story alive in a way that is gentle, warm, and clear.

The video sessions also feature beautiful renditions of the hymns, filmed in a historic English village church, along with testimonies and prayers.

There are also three introductory sessions: for Christmas and for Easter, and a third which can be used at any time of the year.

Equip your church to reach out to older people in your community with this enjoyable ministry outreach program.

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  • Main Series
    Session 1: How Great Thou Art
    Session 2: Rock of Ages
    Session 3: Amazing Grace
    Session 4: The Lord's My Shepherd
    Session 5: And Can It Be?
    Bonus Sessions
    Christmas: Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
    Easter: Thine Be the Glory
    Introduction: My Song Is Love Unknown
    PLUS 2 x Training Videos for Leaders


Contributors Steve Cramer, Pippa Cramer
ISBN 9781784988753
Format DVD
First published August 2023
Dimensions 5.4" x 5.4" x 0.4"
Case quantity 50
Language English
Publisher The Good Book Company

Rebecca Manley Pippert

This is an outstanding evangelistic resource! Every church should use it to reach the elderly in your community who are frequently lonely, vulnerable and looking for hope. 

Rico Tice

Christianity Explored Ministries; Senior Minister, All Souls Langham Place, London

This is a resource which engages with so many of our older people. They have sung these hymns again and again but don't necessarily understand the gospel they contain. While many older people are sadly a bit suspicious of just opening the Bible, this provides a way in to understanding the Christian message which they can trust. I wholeheartedly commend Hymns We Love as a unique tool for explaining the gospel to what is, unfortunately, an often overlooked generation.

Rachel Jordan-Wolf

Executive Director, Hope Together

Hymns We Love has been wonderfully created to help the older generation engage with faith. Different generations need different approaches to faith discovery. This is an excellent "Christian basics" course and tool for mission to the older generations. 

Customer reviews


“Great tool”

(Review written for 'Hymns We Love Leader's Kit')

This book is such a beautiful way to examine some classic hymns deeper. There are five hymns covered in the main section and then three seasonal hymns covered. Personally, I wish there were more covered.
The leader’s guide companion is spilt into four sections;
1: About Hymns We Love
2: Getting ready to run Hymns We Love
3: Team-Training material
4: Session notes and talk scripts
These sessions are helpful to ensure the leader is prepared to go through this book with others. I loved section two which helps the leader prepare both spiritually and practically!
This leaders guide set is a perfect for somebody who wants to lead a group through Hymns We Love.


“Great Resource!”

(Review written for 'Hymns We Love Leader's Kit')

Hymns We Love is a beautifully designed series to teach us about some well-known hymns, while sharing the good news of Jesus.

The Leaders Kit contains:
-Guest Songbook
-Leaders Guide
-Access to Video Downloads

I enjoyed this leaders kit as it is versatile in the way it can be used; such as in your home as a family, in a small or large group at your church, or for an independent study.

While doing a study on 5 specific hymns, as well as 3 seasonal hymns, this kit is also full of many great resources, biblical references, historical facts, and so much more.

The Leaders Kit provides all of the information and resources needed to run a group study, and it is truly as simple as open and go.

The Video downloads are easily accessible and bring so much more to the study!
This is a Great resource!


“A great evangelism resource to reach Seniors!”

(Review written for 'Hymns We Love Leader's Kit')

A great evangelism resource! The Leader's Kit includes:

-Guest Songbook

-Leader's Guide

-Access to video downloads

The leader's guide has everything the guest songbook has along with the scripts from the video sessions and information on how to use this resource in different ways.

This evangelism series is a study of five farmiliar and well loved hymns along with a few seasonal hymns. It is a great tool designed especially with the elderly in mind to teach them of the Christian faith and the gospel through songs they may have heard before.

Each session talks about a hymn and some of the background of its origin. The lessons teach about God and about us as humans and share the gospel. There are so many different ways this study can be done. It can be done in a community or church or in the home. Though not extensive, it is a great introduction to the gospel through well loved hymns. Music is such a powerful tool and the words in a song have a way of reaching our hearts and sticking in our minds more easily. I think this is a wonderful way to share the gospel with the elderly. As someone who has worked a lot with the elderly, I loved this approach to sharing the gospel through hymns. Honestly, this would be a great resource to use in a nursing home/care facility setting if able!

Thanks to @thegoodbookcompanyusa for a copy of this series for my honest review!


“wonderful study option”

(Review written for 'Hymns We Love Leader's Kit')

I grew up on hymns and absolutely love them. I have also done other hymn studies and they have always been powerful means of growing closer to God. This leader's kit is no exception.

The kit itself is presented in a beautiful box-like format. When you first open, you receive a two post cards:

- one provides a promo code to download the videos related to the study

- the second is simply an invitation that can be used to bring people together for the study

The actual hymn study is created simply. It covers five specific hymns as well as three seasonal hymns. Each hymn study is formatted with the following:

- Written copy of Hymn

- About section

- Exploring section

- Scripture reference

- Questions section

- Prayer section

There is plenty of space for writing, doodling, journaling, etc.

The Leader's Guide is significantly more hefty. It includes four sections:

- About Hymns We Love

- Getting ready to run Hymns We Love

- Team-training material

- Session notes and talk scripts

I was impressed with how many resources the Cramers provided in the leader guide. It is incredibly full of rich history and biblical references.

I will say that even though you could technically complete the hymn study on its own without the leader's guide, it will not be as rich and powerful as if you were to do it alongside the leader's guide. The hymn study has very simple, basic points but the leader's guide provides an immense amount of more information to go alongside the study.

The additional resources they provide allow the study to be even deeper.

The authors make it clear that this study is geared towards the older community but I would argue that it's just as effective for any age.

I enjoyed the entire study and hope that they will continue making more that cover additional classic hymns.

I received a copy of this book from The Good Book Company in exchange for an honest review.


“A wonderful, refreshing way to learn more about the Christian faith through our best loved hymns.”

(Review written for 'Hymns We Love Leader's Kit')

In a fast changing world, some things don't change. This series is refreshing and so easy to access. Through our best loved hymns we are taken on a gentle journey towards understanding God better. His constant, amazing love, his grace, forgiveness and offer of eternal hope shine through this series. Having attended Hymns We Love I cannot recommend it highly enough. The fellowship created by singing the hymns together and chatting in small groups is wonderful. The books are clear and appealing. This is an easy series to run - all the hard work has been done for the leader! Hymns We Love will work equally well for a large group, a small group or an individual at home. It can easily be adapted for care home visits.


“Excellent New Resource for Evangelism with Seniors”

(Review written for 'Hymns We Love Leader's Kit')

As a church, we love using evangelistic courses as a big part of our work with those who are exploring faith. We love Alpha, as it's great for those asking big questions, and we love Christianity Explored, as it's great for those wanting to wrestle with the Bible. But this is a brilliant new addition for those who would like to explore faith in a different way, looking at the theology behind some classic hymns and what it tells us about God is like. Each week features a new hymn, some reflections on its theology and some discussion questions for small groups. There are helpful talk templates for you to use as well as a DVD and guest songbook. It's definitely a course that we as a group of Anglican churches will be considering using in the future.

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