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Romans 1-7: The gift of God

7 studies for individuals or groups

Seven Bible studies on the first seven chapters of Romans by Timothy Keller. Ideal for small groups.

Part of the Good Book Guides series.

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Romans 8-16: In view of God's mercy

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These seven Bible studies on the first seven chapters of Romans by Timothy Keller show us why and how we can be made right with God.

We want to be right in the eyes of the law of our land, of those we respect, of our loved ones, of those we work with. We strive to gain and then keep this right standing.

But there is another, far better and more important righteousness. A righteousness which changes and liberates every aspect of our lives, and yet which none of us can earn or maintain ourselves.

It’s a righteousness from God.

Romans 1–7 is all about that righteousness. It shows us why we don’t have it, why we need it, and how we can receive it. It thrills us that “the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord” (Romans 6 v 23).

These seven studies will help you to understand one of the most-read, most written-about parts of the Bible. And, as they enable you to you unwrap God’s precious gift of right standing with him, they’ll transform your hearts, lives, identities and perspectives.

For use with individuals or groups.

Leader’s Guide included.

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  • Introduction
  • Why study Romans 1 – 7?
  • 1. Introducing righteousness - Romans 1 v 1-17
  • 2. Why everyone needs the gospel - Romans 1 v 18 – 2 v 29
  • 3. How to be right with God - Romans 3
  • 4. What Abraham and David discovered - Romans 4
  • 5. Enjoying justification - Romans 5
  • 6. Why Christians obey God - Romans 6 v 1 – 7 v 6
  • 7. Warfare within - Romans 7 v 7-25
  • Leader’s Guide

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Author Dr Timothy Keller
ISBN 9781908762924
Format Saddle stitch
First published February 2014
Dimensions 5.5" x 8.3" x 0.2"
Print size 9pt
Case quantity 80
Language English
Pages 88
No. of studies 7
Publisher The Good Book Company

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The Good Book Guides have been developed to ensure that each session not only seeks to uncover the meaning of the passage and see how it fits into the big picture of the Bible, but also leads people to apply what they have learned to their lives. Flexible and practical, the Good Book Guides are ideal for small groups, or individual study.

Customer reviews



At such a difficult time in our nation I was surprised to receive books I had ordered so promptly. The ordering process was straightforward. Thank you so much.


“A good overview of Romans”

Romans 1-7 in 7 studies - wow! Tim does a really good job of giving the main points of Paul's wonderful epistle whilst not getting bogged down in the nitty gritty of theological argument. Enough background is given for the "man-in-the-pew" to appreciate the points Paul is making but maintains the broad thrust of the book. I have really enjoyed this so far but it is best read with the companion book "Romans1-7 for you" which amplifies points and gives more useful examples.


“Excellent service”

Customer service is excellent. Great value. The staff are very helpful, efficient and friendly. The delivery time is quick from UK to IRE with tracking for delivery details. The books are all trustworthy. Would recommend The Good Book Company!



Amazing , love the study guides I bought , and the prices were amazingly affordable , can’t wait to buy every other study guide and possibly book you guys have . I’m blessed to have found this website and definitely recommending it to everyone.


“A tough study, but worth it”

We are using this with a group of international women and it is clear some questions are hard for some of the women to understand so not everyone can do the prep. However they are finding the studies very rewarding. The leader's notes at the back of the book provide plenty of help for a leader and mean it is not absolutely necessary to have the companion book 'Romans for You' - though that is a great read. We cannot complete a study in one hour, so are taking longer to work through the book.


“Fantastic resource”

Great resource. It walks you through the book of Romans verse by verse getting you to stop and ponder what Paul is saying to the Romans and us today. Really enjoying the study and being challenged by the Gosple and reminded that it is Jesus's righteous we have to accept from we can never be righteous on our own.


“Excellent study guide”

I've used this in a group of 5 men and it has opened up Romans wonderfully to us.


“Excellent study materials”

The study material on the first seven chapters of Romans by Tim Keller is excellent. We use it in our home group and everyone has found the material to be thought-provoking and challenging.

I would recommend that material for similar home group setting, or for use on an individual or a one-to-one basis.

The leader's guide (at the back of the book) gives additional insights which are useful to the leader.


“A most helpful and relevant introduction to Romans 1-7.”

This is a most helpful and relevant introduction to Paul's letter to the Romans. The deliberate way in which the book makes the reader think about not just a spiritual/theoretical understanding of Paul's teaching but requires the reader to think through the current implications, is both excellent and challenging. Together with the small group study guide this is an excellent way in to the study of one of the most profound teachings of the New Testament.


“very good”

The booklet is attractive and good value for money. Our small group is enjoying using it though we are taking several studies to complete one chapter! I would be interested in using other titles in this series.

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Romans 1-7: The gift of God | Dr Timothy Keller | $8.99 $7.64