Hope When It Hurts Pack

Hope When It Hurts Pack

A pack containing biblical meditations inviting women to see how God is caring for them, growing them, and even using them, in times of suffering.

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Hurt is real. But so is hope.

Kristen and Sarah have walked through, and are walking in, difficult times. So these thirty biblical reflections are full of realism about the hurts of life—yet overwhelmingly full of hope about the God who gives life.

This cloth-bound book will gently encourage and greatly help any woman who is struggling with suffering—whether physical, emotional or psychological, and whether for a season or for longer. For anyone who is hurting, this book will give hope, not just for life beyond the suffering, but for life in the suffering. Each chapter contains a biblical reflection, with questions and prayers, and a space for journaling.

This pack includes: A Hope When it Hurts book, A Hope When it Hurts slimline, black ink pen and a pack of 6 'thinking-of-you' cards .

It would make a great gift whether it be for a member of your church, a friend or a family member.

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  • Intro
  • 1. The Gospel Makes a Difference
  • 2. Christ’s Power in our Weakness
  • 3. Affliction and Hardship
  • 4. Anxiety and Worry
  • 5. Pain is Real
  • 6. Peace amid Confusion
  • 7. The Detours of Life
  • 8. When God seems Silent
  • 9. The not-surprise of Persecution
  • 10. The Opportunity of Suffering
  • 11. Coming to the End of Yourself
  • 12. An Alternative to Numbness
  • 13. He Suffered too
  • 14. What is in the Heart
  • 15. Comfort
  • 16. Joy
  • 17. Freedom
  • 18. Patience
  • 19. Contentment
  • 20. This is not All There is
  • 21. Momentary
  • 22. Your Earthly Home
  • 23. Your Heavenly Body
  • 24. You are Not Alone and you are Not Unloved
  • 25. God is Faithful
  • 26. On Feeling Angry and Bitter
  • 27. Pour out your Heart
  • 28. Walk by Faith
  • 29. God is at Work
  • 30. You will See His Face


Author Kristen Wetherell, Sarah Walton
Format Mixed media product
First published 2017
Dimensions 5" x 8.8" x 1.1"
Language US English
Publisher The Good Book Company

I had not finished reading the introduction to this book before I was making a mental list of friends that I knew would find it a balm to their weary hearts. Kristen and Sarah minister to fellow travelers on the road of suffering, out of the resources they have received on their own journey, from the God of all comfort, grace, and hope.

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Author, host/teacher of Revive Our Hearts

Kristen and Sarah have let us in to listen to their meditations in the midst of pain and limitation. They've opened up their hearts, their stories, and their Word-filled words. From our various contexts, we will all learn as we listen. I'm grateful for this book's faithful call to lift up our eyes to a God of mercy who loves and saves.

Kathleen Nielson

Director of Women's Initiatives, The Gospel Coalition

This is a wonderful, vulnerable and honest book, and I highly recommend it to anyone who needs the good news of Jesus in a difficult time. Kristen and Sarah have suffered immensely, but both of them know that our only hope is found in Jesus. In Hope When It Hurts, they have labored to encourage our souls with the gospel, give us space to grieve our loss, and turn to the only source of real hope. I'm praying God uses this book in extraordinary ways!

Dave Furman

Senior Pastor of Redeemer Church of Dubai; author of Being There: How to Love Those Who are Hurting

Independent reviews

"So many words to encourage my aching heart"

Ruth Clemence, Mum in Zone One, March 28th 2017

As I turned the pages of the book I thought ‘Yes! They really get suffering…’ They ‘get’ suffering because both the authors ‘are’ suffering. Present tense. They are writing it in the storm.... continue reading

A gem of a book

Clarina's Contemplations, Clarina's Contemplations, April 3rd 2017

It is easy to read, conversational and yet deeply theological, and the genuiness of their faith, scarred and battle-weary though it is, drips through every sentence with raw honesty.... continue reading

A really precious resource

Catherine Brookes, Mum in Zone One, April 10th 2017

In this broken world, we should expect to suffer. That’s why I want to recommend this book to you, Hope When it Hurts. It’s a series of short chapters meditating on 2 Corinthians Chapters 4 and 5. You could read one a day, or read big chunks at a time. Either way, I think it’s a really precious resource.... continue reading

Customer reviews

“Thank you so much for your honesty”

(Review written for 'Hope When It Hurts')

I'm so happy you shared this plan finally someone was honest to say they deal with heart ache over and over I was really starting to doubt God and myself thank you so much



(Review written for 'Hope When It Hurts')

This is an amazing book! I am suffering the loss of my beloved mother. This resource has become invaluable to me. I found the authors’ application of Biblical truths in their personal struggles a balm for my own soul. It helped me to focus my eyes on the only one who can heal my sorrows- Jesus! I thank my sisters in Christ, Kristen and Sarah, for sharing their pain so openly and honestly. You are helping countess others to carry their burdens with Resurrection hope! God bless you!!



(Review written for 'Hope When It Hurts')

It gives hope to the hopeless


“Absolutely AMAZING ”

(Review written for 'Hope When It Hurts')

I have chronic migraines and spend most of my time in bed because of them. I really and truly felt that I was useless and God could never use me for anything. After reading this, knowing it came from someone else with chronic pain help me get through each and every day. Each day got better and better! I would recommend this to anyone, especially someone going through a hard time.


“Fantastic Book ”

(Review written for 'Hope When It Hurts')

I don't usually write book reviews but when I was offered the chance to read this book I jumped at it as the title intrigued me. This book has helped me to realised the effect that hurts have had on my relationship with God. Even though it has been nearly 10 years since I went through a period of hurt and pain I am still carrying around the effects. This book has helped me to see the barriers I have placed around myself to protect myself from being hurt and disappointed again and as a result the barriers that I have put up between myself and God. The book has helped me to understand that God does love me and he is looking out for me and caring for me. When we go through periods of hurt it is not because God does not love us but because He loves us.
I would recommend this book to anyone who is going through a tough time as it really helps to strengthen and uplift you. The book unpicks key bible passages around hurts and has small bite sized chapters you can work through each day or in one go depending on your reading style.

I was given a free book in order to review this product but this has in no way influenced my review of the product. All opinions are honest and are my own.



(Review written for 'Hope When It Hurts')

I recently took this on holiday and reading a chapter a day was one of the highlights of the holiday for me! It is written in such an honest and heartfelt way from two who are experiencing long-term emotional and physical pain. It is written from a totally Biblical point of view, and includes in a very practical way how to cope with on-going trials. It is a book I will treasure and re-read many times, and I have already given 5 copies away to friends who are going through hard times. I would certainly recommend it to anyone who is facing trials of whatever kind, or who know someone who is and who needs loving Christian support.


“An inspiring refreshing perspective ”

(Review written for 'Hope When It Hurts')

I first read "Hope When It Hurts" on YouVersion as a short daily devotional. That read provided such refreshing perspective on why we go through pain and trouble that I ordered the entire book to read. Society says that if we are authentically ourselves, strive to be the best we can be, dream big, and work hard, we will enjoy a successful, satisfying life. We avoid pain and trouble as much as possible and when the storm does strike, we want an explanation and a quick fix so we can get back to building our normal lives. But Kristen and Sara use Scripture and their own experiences to show society that God does not promise that. There is a purpose for pain and discomfort. God's great love is revealed when we depend on Him when we feel crushed and weak. He is pruning our character, attitudes, and mindsets, working on the inside for our good. I found this perspective so accurate and refreshing. Thank you for writing this book!! We don't talk enough about pain and trouble; we have to keep it all together and hide what is not working. So thanks for saying what needs to be spoken of openly.



(Review written for 'Hope When It Hurts')

Book review – ‘Hope When it Hurts’ Kristen Wetherall and Sarah Walton
Suffering is hard. Watching and trying to support a friend who is suffering is painful. At times, for me it can feel isolating, demoralising, fear laden even crushing.
These two godly women speak not from the relief and relative comfort of those who have gone through a period of suffering and have wisdom to impart from the other side, but as those who are still in the midst of it. They are wonderfully real and vulnerable in their honesty seeking to point us to Christ in tangible, biblically faithful ways that they themselves have been comforted by. In 30 short, easily digestible chapters they take us on a journey offering gospel focussed hope amidst the pain.
I have almost finished this book and am deliberately slowing down as I really do not want it to end. I have already recommended it to some friends and am planning to buy it as a gift for others. It is a book to cherish and I am sure I will be re-reading.
I have never met Sarah or Kristen. I will write to them to thank them, but I am truly looking forward to thanking them in person in heaven!


“Helpful in difficult times”

(Review written for 'Hope When It Hurts')

I found the book to be more like a reference book.I wasn't able to read from cover to cover but was able to read a chapter and put it away and apply what I had read in my tnoughts and actions.Excellent Relevant Bible verses were very helpful.We all need Hope when it hurts as we journey in life and the book will help deal with such matters.


“Excellent Resource ”

(Review written for 'Hope When It Hurts')

These devotions have been a gift from God at a really difficult time in my life. They keep me centred on God's word, depending prayerfully on Him, whilst lovingly correcting and warning me about my sin. I can't rate it highly enough. Please translate it into Spanish asap.


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