Life Explored uses a different creative approach to both Christianity Explored and Discipleship Explored.

A thought-provoking, 10-minute silent film sets up the theme of each session and opens up discussion. The stories in these short films are set around the world, and in different points in history. They are designed to engage emotions as well as minds, as they open up an aspect of life which people may recognise in themselves.

A second teaching film then shines the light of God's word onto the particular “idol” highlighted in the story and reveals its’s tragic shortcomings. Each session reveals a different aspect of God's character and helps participants to see that their deepest desires for happiness can only be satisfied in Him.

The sample session below will help you to see how the films work together and to assess whether it is the right approach for your audience. 

 Session 3 part 1: Story film 
 Session 3 part 2: teaching film 
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 The presenters talk about Life Explored