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Jesus and the Lion's Den, by Alison Mitchell 


This book is about the really exciting story of Daniel. But what makes it even more exciting is that you can spot Jesus moments in it too! Jesus moments are when someone in the story is a bit like Jesus...

There are lots of lions in this story, but every time you see this special lion, it's a clue that there's a Jesus moment too. Here's one example...

Jesus and the Lion's Den will leave children (and adults too) with a bigger view of Jesus. I absolutely love this.

Jonty Allcock, Pastor and Author

Daniel's enemies wanted to get rid of him, so they tried to get him into trouble.

That's what Jesus' enemies did to him, too.

Daniel was taken to a den of huge, hungry lions and thrown in.

But Daniel trusted God and God saved him!

"Jesus and the Lions’ Den" is a delightful story that makes a beeline to Christ from the teachings of the Old Testament

Mary K. Mohler, Author 

Can you spot the rest of the Jesus Moments in the book?

An outstanding book to help children understand how Jesus is the hero of every story in the Bible.

Dan DeWitt, Author 


Jesus and the Lion's Den
By Alison Mitchell

This stunningly-illustrated retelling of Daniel and the lions' den helps children to see Jesus in the story of Daniel. It challenges children to spot the ‘Jesus moments’ by looking out for the hidden lion symbols. It goes on to explain the parallels between Jesus and Daniel, so that children can see the gospel heart of the whole Bible.

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Jesus and the Lions' Den | Alison Mitchell & Catalina Echeverri | $14.99 $10.00