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Messages that Move ebook

How to give Bible talks that challenge and inspire

from 4 reviews

A practical guide to the art of preparing and delivering Bible talks.

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A practical guide to the art of preparing and delivering Bible talks. Seasoned preacher Tim Hawkins urges us to give 'Messages That Move' which take people on a journey to a worthwhile destination. Learn how to plan and prepare a talk and lead to genuine transformation through the gospel.

'Messages that Move' gives you tools to deliver memorable, engaging Bible talks that lead to gospel transformation. It will give you practical help to prevent sermons being "boring" and a wealth of tips and tools for better preparation, illustration, story-telling and delivery

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  • Section A – The Journey

  • Section B – The Book

  • Section C – The Hook

  • Section D – The Look

  • Section E – The Took

  • Section F – Making The Journey Great

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Contributors Tim Hawkins
ISBN 9781908762979
Format eBook
Language English
Publisher The Good Book Company

Pete Woodcock

Pastor of Cornerstone Church, Kingston Upon Thames, UK

Messages that move. There are plenty of these in Christian ministry - they move eyelids over eyes! But if you want to communicate Christian truth in a way that changes lives, then get this book. Every apprentice scheme and ministry-training programme should have Messages that Move on its book list. But more than that... Regular preachers, experienced pastors, theology graduates - you may think you don't need it: YOU DO! Here is the backbone that we all need to build engaging, relevant and moving Bible talks. Don't despise the simplicity of this book - it can be read in a day, but it will MOVE YOU... to make your Bible talks what you long them to be: Messages that Move.

Trevor Archer

London Director, FIEC, UK

So practical and earthed with pastoral substance and Biblical clarity. I can`t commend it strongly enough for both new and experienced Bible teachers. I wish this book had been around 30 years ago when I started preaching – and no doubt so do my listeners! I can`t commend it strongly enough.

Andy Paterson

Director of Mission FIEC

This is a great book that will help all aspiring Bible communicators. Give it to your youth workers. Use it in your preaching classes. Well laid out and thought through, faithful to Scripture and contemporary in application. Establish good preaching skills by starting with this book.

Customer reviews

Feb. 11, 2021


(Review written for 'Messages that Move')

A really great book that is so helpful in thinking through how to structure a talk to engage your audience and take them on the journey with you!

July 12, 2018

“Really informative and instructional read”

(Review written for 'Messages that Move')

I have read a number of books on how to preach, how to present and how to communicate messages.
Tim Hawkins brings an alternative approach using the train journey as the illustration throughout.
The style of writing is instructional and informative and yet creative.
This has been the most helpful book I have read thus far relating to improving preaching.

Feb. 25, 2016

“A fresh take on preaching”

If you've heard Tim Hawkins preach, then you know what to expect from this book. Tim's goal is to have your listeners engaged and he gives practical advice on how to make that happen.

If you are after a book that tells you how to preach through a passage, this is not your book. But if you are after a book that helps you improve the delivery and reception of your message then this book is definitely worth reading. In particular I think anyone who speaks to Youth/Young Adults would find this very helpful.

Nov. 6, 2014

“A message that moves!”

(Review written for 'Messages that Move')

An accessible read for anyone who prepares talks for ministry purposes. The style of the book may not be to everyone's taste but the message is inspiring and the clever way the book is put together is a model for the methods that Tim Hawkins suggests. My talks for children's groups have been transformed after reading this book: got me even more excited about plunging deep into a passage to bring out what God wants to come out of the Bible passage, and to experiment with different ways of presenting. I bought an extra copy of this book, having picked up my first copy at a Christian conference, in order to give to someone else.

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