Life Tastes Better

The Surprising Truth about what Jesus Offers

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Discover how life tastes better when Jesus takes over

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Letting Jesus take control of your life is a scary thought and a stumbling block for many. It's easy to think that following Jesus would make life less fun and more limited. Drawing on his decades of introducing the real Jesus to people, founder of NewFrontiers Terry Virgo reveals the surprising truth that the Jesus who turned water into wine is ready to make every life taste better, both now and eternally. Because when we let Jesus take charge, our biggest problems are sorted out and we are free from the pressure of relying on ourselves for everything.

Easy-to-read, short, clear, faithful and conversational, this is a perfect book to give to a non-believing friend.

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  • 1. The Day the Wine Ran Out
    2. Real Life Jesus
    3. Jesus Says the Strangest Things
    4. Change

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Contributors Terry Virgo
ISBN 9781784983239
Format Paperback
First published May 2018
Dimensions 4.3" x 7" x 0.2"
Weight 1.73 oz
Case quantity 200
Language English
Pages 48
Publisher The Good Book Company

Wayne Grudem

Research Professor of Bible and Theology, Phoenix Seminary, Phoenix, Arizona

Terry Virgo makes a familiar story about a wedding come alive – and adds a challenge that will transform your life!

Andrew Wilson

Teaching Pastor, King's Church London; Author, God of All Things

A charming, short and very readable introduction to Christianity, through the lens of a very surprising story. Bright, clear and illuminating.

Sam Allberry

Pastor at Immanuel Church, Nashville; author of Is God Anti-Gay? and What Does God Have to Say About Our Bodies?

So many people have a view of Jesus — if they have any view of him at all — that he will somehow take the flavour out of life if you get too close to him. Terry Virgo shows how wrong a view that is. Jesus came to give life, the fuller, richer, tastier life we all sense we need.

Independent reviews

Life Tastes Better by Terry Virgo – A Review

Robin Ham, The Happy Certainty, Sep 3, 2018

Life Tastes Better is a short and punchy new give-away book from Terry Virgo, the founder of the Newfrontiers network of churches. It’s aimed at – and ideal for – those who are wanting to explore the Christian faith, demonstrating the life-changing surprise Jesus brings. Virgo’s friendly and conversational tone, as well as the fact the ‘book’ is only five short chapters (each between 6-14 pages) mean it’s a very light and inviting read.... continue reading

Customer reviews

Jun 11, 2018

“A surprising little book”

A surprising little book, or rather booklet, of some 40 pages, most readable particularly for today's younger generation. Fresh off the press, I can see many people buying multiple copies! A teenage friend wrote: “ 'Life Tastes Better' is an interesting read for anyone intrigued about religion and their own faith in Jesus, and is an easy way to question what you want to gain from being a Christian. The conversational tone and personal anecdotes make the book an easy and relatable piece of text in which I personally saw reflections of my own day-to-day life. Virgo diminishes misconceptions about Christianity and gives the reader ways to better utilise their belief in God that can help themselves and others around them. I found the book somewhat comforting and believe it brought me closer to my own faith since it is so easy to incorporate Jesus into the decisions I make every day.”

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Life Tastes Better | Terry Virgo |
$3.99 $3.39