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Christianity Explored Book (Italian)

Christianity Explored Book (Italian)

The Italian edition of the Christianity Explored evangelistic book.

Part of the Christianity Explored series.


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Italian Edition

The Christianity Explored paperback book, written by Rico Tice and Barry Cooper, is a jargon-free introduction to Jesus Christ.

Drawing from the book of Mark in the Bible the book explores who Jesus was, what his aims were, and what it means to follow him.

Concise, entertaining and honest, it's an ideal book for anyone with little or no experience of Christianity. It can be used to encourage people to join a course, to consolidate what has been learned by a course participant, or simply as a way of reaching those who would rather not attend a course.

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  • Foreword

  • 1. Introduction
    2. Who was Jesus
    3. Jesus - His Aim
    4. Jesus - His Death
    5. What does 'grace' mean?
    6. Jesus - His Resurrection
    7. What is a Christian
    8. Choices - King Herod
    9. Choices - James, John and Bartimaeus

  • Further Explanation


Contributors Christianity Explored
ISBN 9788896441053
Format Paperback
Dimensions 5.1" x 8.5" x 0.4"
Weight 6.14 oz
Language Italian
Pages 130
Publisher Edizioni GBU
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