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Answers to the 12 most frequently-asked questions about God.

Part of the Christianity Explored series.

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If you could ask God one question, and you knew it would be answered, what would it be?

Paul Williams and Barry Cooper have spent several years asking people that question. And inside this book, they reveal the results: the 12 most frequently asked questions about God.

But this isn't just a book about questions. There are answers too. Answers from the lips of the most powerful, insightful and extraordinary figure in all of human history.

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  • Where to begin?
  • 1. If you're really there, God, why on earth don't you prove it?
  • 2. Isn't the Bible just a bunch of made up stories?
  • 3. All good people go to heaven, right?
  • 4. If you're a God of love, why send anyone to Hell?
  • 5. If Jesus really was your Son, how come He got killed?
  • 6. If I can be forgiven everything, doesn't that mean I can do whatever I like?
  • 7. How can anyone be sure there's life after death?
  • 8. What about followers of other religions?
  • 9. Isn't faith just a psychological crutch?
  • 10. Why do you allow suffering?
  • 11. Why do you hate sex?
  • 12. Why don't you just do a miracle?
  • 13. So, God, if You could ask me one question, what would it be?
  • What now?
  • Acknowledgments


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Author Barry Cooper, Paul Williams
ISBN 9781907377624
Format Digital Download
Language English
Pages 128
Publisher The Good Book Company/CE

If you've ever wanted to ask God a question, there's a good chance you'll find it answered carefully and compassionately inside this book. And for those of us who long to offer hopeful, loving, truthful answers, this book couldn't be more welcome. I wholeheartedly recommend it.

Rico Tice

Author and Associate Minister, All Souls Church, London

Customer reviews

“Fantastic book. Love it!”

(Review written for 'If You Could Ask God One Question')

I read this book many years ago and it gave me a lot of answers to the questions I want ask by myself or by my friends. It gives me confidence to face the doubt.


“Suggestion for reprint”

(Review written for 'If You Could Ask God One Question')

Brilliant book. Thank you for putting it together. Please consider a title change in next reprint: substitute Christ for God. That's because many non-westerners do not immediately associate God with Christ. They have other entities they call god.


“Nice book to accompany the CE course”

The book is well written and also a good companion book for the CE course. I have no question to recommend and encourage anyone who wants to care about his/her ethernal life. It worths to spend time to read it and think of it in deep. Then you may want to explore more from the Bible. There is also different translations of the book including Chinese Language.


“Great book to give away”

(Review written for 'If you could ask God one question')

My non Christian friend had been asking questins and gave her this. It is easy to read and very thought provoking and led to lots more conversations. Great!


“Great to give away to friends who want a Bible based answer.”

(Review written for 'If you could ask God one question')

This book is funny and very readable. It will appeal to anyone but particularly those with the usual "big questions" who are beginning to search for God. Everything is argued from the Bible itself, including the authenticity of the Bible. This is obviously great, but ironically may be the only downside to this book - that it might be completely written off by people who don't think the Bible has any weight.


“Some good ideas but many useful points missed”

(Review written for 'If you could ask God one question')

Having just started running a Christianity Explored course, and heard many different questions, I was looking forward to a really wide range of answers from the authors. But, sadly, only 13 Questions are dealt with, in what turns out to be more of a story book.
I am very thrilled by the Christianity Explored course, but if there is a second edition of this book, please could we have many more questions, with much briefer (and to the point) answers.


“An excellent guide to all those questions that we never dare to ask...”

(Review written for 'If you could ask God one question')

The book is excellent for people of all ages. It really digs deep into issues that most of us don't really dare to ask, such as sex, suffering and morals. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants answers or a general overview into what Christians are 'really like'.


“An excellent evangelistic tool”

(Review written for 'If you could ask God one question')

This book answers many of the questions raised by unbelievers when confronted with the message of the Gospel. It also equips Christians to handle common objections to the Gospel. Very readable and to be thoroughly recommended to both believers and unbelievers alike


“useful tool”

(Review written for 'If you could ask God one question')

A selection of questions that will resonate with many non-believers. The authors have managed to convey the truth in a non-threatening way with good use of statisitcs, biblical text and humour. A good apologetic tool.


“Excellent for Christians and seekers”

(Review written for 'If you could ask God one question')

Currently we are running the CY course for a group of youth and I read this book so I could review it for the group. As a Christian I found it an excellent book which was so easy to read and so relevant to today's generation. It helped me to reinforce my beliefs and clarify how I would answer such questions.
Obviously it is an excellent evangelistic tool for seekers as it is so easy to read and yet covers so many key areas of the faith.


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