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Discovering Jesus through Asian eyes

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Jesus through Asian eyes is a range of resources designed to help you reach out to the millions of people with an Asian background live in the West. Some have only recently arrived, others have lived in the West for many generations. Asians are often more open to talking about spiritual things than many longer-established residents. There is a huge mission field on our doorstep!

How can one resource speak to such a diverse group of people?

Asians of all kinds share many attitudes in common: an openness to talking about spiritual things; a feeling that they must live up to family expectations; a sense of honour. But most of all, they share the view that Christianity is a western religion. The outreach booklet and course pick up on these common cultural ways of thinking to present the good news about Jesus in a way that is open, friendly and appealing.

How does the course work?

The emphasis is on friendly, open discussions, which look at passages from the Bible. The Jesus through Asian eyes booklet is designed to be given to Asians of any background. It asks and answers 16 of the most frequently asked questions that people have about Jesus, Christianity and faith in God. It is filled with warm testimonies from Asian people from all kinds of backgrounds who have discovered the love of God in Christ. The Discovering Jesus through Asian eyes course is based on the booklet and is the ideal follow-up for those who want to know more. The emphasis is on friendly, open discussions, which look at passages from the Bible.

There is also a dedicated website at and a range of promotional flyers and posters available.

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