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An Even Better Christmas (ebook)

An Even Better Christmas ebook

Joy and Peace That Last All Year

Discover how to make your Christmas even better than all the hype

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Christmas is great—in fact, it's better than all the commercial hype!

In the midst of the gift-buying, make-everybody-happy, food-gorging craziness that is Christmas, Matt Chandler helps us stop… breathe… and refocus our hearts.

In this personal, warm and compelling book, we see how the God of the Bible offers what we really crave—joy and peace—at Christmas, all year round, and into eternity!

Perfect to give away to non-believing friends and family or at Christmas services and other evangelistic events.

There's a video of Matt's testimony available to download in the 'extras' section below. It's very powerful and could be useful to show in Christmas services to encourage people to look into the meaning of the very first Christmas.

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  • 1. Something Better
  • 2. God Gets Involved
  • 3. God Gives Joy
  • 4. God is Worth It
  • 5. The Beginning, Not the End


Author Matt Chandler
ISBN 9781784983512
Format eBook
First published October 2018
Language English
Pages 64
Publisher The Good Book Company

Ray Ortlund

Pastor, Immanuel Church, Nashville; President, Renewal Ministries

Every December we spiral down into what Matt Chandler rightly calls our “shop-till-you-drop, make-sure-everybody-is-totally-happy, gift-buying, food-gorging panic attack” called Christmas. If, like me, you’re exhausted already, then An Even Better Christmas is for you. This book guides us all into real “peace on earth,” starting way down deep in our hearts.

Jen Wilkin

Author, None Like Him and In His Image

It's no secret that Matt Chandler is a gifted communicator of the gospel. But he's much more than that. He's a pastor whose heart for the lost and for the church is evident at every turn. I thank God for Matt's voice of clarity and conviction, and pray his words and witness continue to bear much fruit.

Rico TIce

Founder, Christianity Explore Ministries; author, Capturing God and Honest Evangelism

In An Even Better Christmas, Matt Chandler asks a life-changing question: in the Christmas story, are we less like the wise men and more like the religious leaders, who knew about God’s King but didn’t want to know him? Once that question is in your mind, your Christmases will never be the same again. I’m so grateful to Matt for raising it, and it has made me much more excited about Christmas this year.

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An Even Better Christmas (ebook) | Matt Chandler | $2.99