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Zeal without Burnout (Serbian)

Zeal without Burnout (Serbian)

Practical and biblical guidance to help enthusiastic Christians serve Jesus in a sustainable way.


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Lots of people who are involved in Christian ministry (whether paid or unpaid) find themselves having to step back from it. They have not lost their love for Christ, or their desire to serve him. But for one reason or another, they are exhausted and simply cannot carry on.

Christopher Ash knows this experience all too well. As a pastor of a growing church, and then in his role training people for ministry, he has found himself on the edge of burnout a number of times, and has pastored many younger ministers who have reached the end of their tether.

His wisdom has been distilled into this short, accessible book, in which he reveals a neglected biblical truth and seven keys that flow from it. This practical and biblical guidance will help enthusiastic Christians gain the mindset and lifestyle to protect themselves from burnout and serve Jesus for the long term in a sustainable way.

Who is this book for?
Here is Christopher's answer from the introduction:
"I write for all zealous followers of Jesus. Perhaps especially for pastors and Christian leaders ~ to those entrusted with pastoral oversight under God. Some of us have the privilege of being set free from other jobs to devote ourselves to this work; others combine pastoral leadership with “normal” secular work. But I write also for the many keen Christian men and women who, in addition to “normal” life ~ busy jobs, parenthood, and so on ~ labor sacrificially to serve in their local churches."

From the foreword by Alistair Begg
"Christopher brings to this important subject, not just a personal experience of burnout, but a keen eye to the Bible, and wise pastoral insight into the pressures many of us face as we live for Jesus."

Ministry Pack
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Product details


  • Introduction
    A neglected truth
    Seven keys
    1. We need sleep
    2. We need Sabbath Rests
    3. We need friends
    4. We need nourishment
    5. A warning: beware celebrity
    6. An encouragement: it's worth it
    7. A delight: rejoice in grace not gifts


Contributors Christopher Ash
Format Paperback
Language Serbian
Pages 128
Publisher Projekat Timotej

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