Friday Quiz: 1 Corinthians

Rachel Jones | July 21st 2017

Try these seven multiple-choice questions on the book of 1 Corinthians. Have you got what it takes to be a Bible genius this week, or is your mind as big a mess as the Corinthian church…?... continue reading


Charlie and Noel. Two Sides of a Real Human Dilemma

Tim Thornborough | July 20th 2017

There is something deeper going on that Christians need to be aware of.... continue reading


How should we read John 1:1? Ed Stetzer interviews Josh Moody

Josh Moody | July 19th 2017

Author and speaker, Ed Stetzer interviews Josh Moody about his new book, John For You.... continue reading


Friday Quiz: Romans

Rachel Jones | July 14th 2017

The Friday Quiz takes on the first (and longest) New Testament letter: the book of Romans. Do you know enough to be crowned a Bible genius this week?... continue reading


3 Responses to Eugene Peterson's Affirmation of Same-Sex Relationships

Tim Thornborough | July 13th 2017

In a recent interview, Eugene Petersen, a prominent Christian author and creator of The Message Bible translation appears to affirm same-sex marriage. He is the latest in a long line of leaders who have done a U-turn on this issue. Here is what he said:.... continue reading


John Stott's Life-Changing Chapter

Ed Shaw | July 11th 2017

The story of how the biblical wisdom of John Stott helped Ed Shaw at a time of need.... continue reading


Friday Quiz: Acts

Rachel Jones | July 7th 2017

The Friday Quiz takes a whistle-stop tour through the book of Acts. Will you be top of the class this week, or is it time you got your act together?... continue reading


Love is Love...Right?

John Stott | July 6th 2017

John Stott tackles a common argument in favor of same-sex relationships.... continue reading


Same Sex Relationships: Should We Just Agree to Disagree?

Sam Allberry | July 4th 2017

As the Church of England’s General Synod meets this week, once again, the tortured issue of same-sex relationships will dominate the agenda.... continue reading


Friday Quiz: John

Rachel Jones | June 30th 2017

The Friday Quiz takes on the nation's favorite Bible book: John's Gospel. But can you remember enough to be crowned a Bible genius? Take our quiz and find out if you've got what it takes!... continue reading

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