Friday Quiz: Genesis

Rachel Jones | October 21st 2016

We kick off a new series of Friday quizzes on the books of the Bible. Let's start at the very beginning: the book of Genesis... continue reading


Why Is the Christian Message Good News for Transgender People?

Vaughan Roberts | October 20th 2016

Vaughan Roberts, author of Transgender, answers in this short video... continue reading


How to do effective evangelism the way Jesus did

Rebecca Manley Pippert | October 19th 2016

Becky Pippert introduces a totally not new approach to personal evangelism. It’s all about being the same, but different... continue reading


Ten ways to appreciate your Pastor

Meaghan May | October 18th 2016

October is Pastor Appreciation Month. We are sharing ten ways you can bless and refresh your pastor this month... continue reading


Rebecca Manley Pippert on Empowered

Rebecca Manley Pippert | October 17th 2016

"Faith is trusting that Jesus is with us whether we "feel" his presence or not."... continue reading


A Very Different Christmas Wins Cover Design Award

Rachel Jones | October 14th 2016

Congratulations to TGBC's Head of Design, André Parker!... continue reading


Friday Quiz: The number 8

Rachel Jones | October 14th 2016

Our tricksy Bible trivia quiz returns. Is your Bible-stuffed brain the eighth wonder of the world, or will your score leave you behind the eight ball this week?... continue reading


How I found freedom from gender confusion (Part 2)

The Good Book Company | October 13th 2016

This is the second part of an anonymous testimony published in conjunction with the release of Vaughan Roberts’ new book, Transgender... continue reading


How I found freedom from gender confusion (Part 1)

The Good Book Company | October 12th 2016

One crossdresser shares his story of how meeting Jesus Christ changed everything... continue reading


Grief, joy, awe: Yom Kippur through Christian eyes

Randy Newman | October 11th 2016

Today is the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur. How do you feel about it?... continue reading

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