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Today we take a look at the climax of Paul’s speech in Antioch from Acts 13, to meditate on two amazing blessings we can have through Christ:

“Therefore, my friends, I want you to know that through Jesus the forgiveness of sins is proclaimed to you. Through him everyone who believes is set free from every sin, a justification you were not able to obtain under the law of Moses.”

Acts 13:38-39

So what are the two things that Paul says we can now have through Jesus?

  1. “Forgiveness of sins” - Spend some time considering the sins you know about in your life–make a mental or actual list. Now dwell on the fact that they are all forgiven through Jesus. Completely forgiven.
  2. “Freedom” — being set free from sin, released from the power and control of sin. Consider how unable we are to obey God on our own; think about our continual return to sin; remember the way our hearts produce evil. Now dwell on the fact that through Jesus we are freed from sin. We will continue to fight against it, but its controlling power has gone.

These wonderful blessings are both ‘through Jesus’ and they are given to whoever believes.

Based on an extract taken from Explore Daily Bible Reading Notes.

Posted in The Good Book Quiz The Quiz Team|7:00 AM EST|November 21st 2014

Jesus said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” (John 8v12) As we head into Christmas, enjoy our 'light' themed quiz!

On which day did God say "Let there be light"?

  • Second
  • First
  • Third
  • Fifth

How did God give light to the Israelites as he led them in the wilderness?

  • As a glowing calf
  • As a burning bush
  • As a blazing torch
  • As a pillar of fire

Your word is a ____ to my feet and a light to my path.

  • fire
  • sandal
  • sock
  • lamp

To whom does King Belshazzar say "I have heard of you that the spirit of the gods is in you, and that light and understanding and excellent wisdom are found in you."

  • Daniel
  • Moses
  • Joseph
  • Samuel

Which event in Jesus' life is being described, "his face shone like the sun, and his clothes became white as light."

  • Last supper
  • Baptism
  • Birth
  • Transfiguration

Which Gospel states "In him was life, and the life was the light of men."

  • Matthew
  • John
  • Luke
  • Mark

"Now as he went on his way, he approached ______, and suddenly a light from heaven flashed around him." Where was Saul heading?

  • Jerusalem
  • Emmaus
  • Damascus
  • Bethlehem
Posted in Useful Resources Dex Fletcher|4:06 AM EST|November 20th 2014

Another great idea for Christmas - The Christmas Promise: a captivating retelling of the Christmas story showing how God kept His promise to send a new King, with superb illustrations by Catalina Echeverri.

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Kevin DeYoung answers this tough question in this short video:

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1. Compared to Her ebook just 99p/$1.50 till midday Thursday

Get the ebook version of Compared to Her for just 99p in the UK and just $1.50 in the US!

2. 5 Tips for Better Public Scripture Readings

Trent Hunter at 9 Marks gives five tips for reading Scripture in public.

3. 12 Struggles Singles Face

David Murray looks at these struggles that singles may face.

4. Dependent: FIEC 2014 Leaders’ Conference Talks

Watch the four main talks from the recent FIEC Leaders’ Conference.

5. Is Christianity in Britain in Terminal Decline?

An article about Christianity in Britain from Mike Gilbart-Smith at 9Marks.

6. And finally...

Our video of the week, the ‘Alby’s Amazing Book Trailer’:

Found something that you think should make it on to the On to a Good Thing round-up? Send it to:

Posted in Useful Resources Dean Faulkner|6:34 AM EST|November 18th 2014

Looking up and looking down at others is something we all do yet, for many of us, it's so habitual we hardly notice we're doing it. Unfortunately the consequences are far more evident.

Sophie de Witt's, Compared To Her takes a good hard look at how we compare ourselves to others and the reasons why we do it. It's a problem we just cannot afford to ignore! Sophie offers hope by presenting the God-given remedy and convincing us that rather than being doomed to dissatisfaction, contentment is a realistic option.

Read more HERE and get the ebook for just $1.50 until midday on Thursday using the code hcth1114 at the checkout.

Posted in Useful Resources Dex Fletcher|9:37 AM EST|November 17th 2014

Christmas is coming and you may be struggling for ideas of things to do or gifts to buy. We’re going to be posting some Christmas ideas in the next few weeks. Starting with scrumptious Christmas cupcakes from Bake Through The Bible:

Or you might like to find some other Christmas gift ideas HERE.

Posted in Fighting the Monday Feeling The Explore Team|4:43 AM EST|November 17th 2014

Who is God with? We might expect that God is with the righteous: but if God were only with the righteous, then no one would know him as their refuge. Wonderfully, Isaiah says God is with the contrite and lowly in spirit.

For this is what the high and exalted One says—
he who lives forever, whose name is holy:
“I live in a high and holy place,
but also with the one who is contrite and lowly in spirit,
to revive the spirit of the lowly
and to revive the heart of the contrite.
I will not accuse them forever,
nor will I always be angry,
for then they would faint away because of me—
the very people I have created.
I was enraged by their sinful greed;
I punished them, and hid my face in anger,
yet they kept on in their willful ways.
I have seen their ways, but I will heal them;
I will guide them and restore comfort to Israel’s mourners,
creating praise on their lips.
Peace, peace, to those far and near,”
says the Lord. “And I will heal them.”

Isaiah 57:13-19

If God continued to accuse us, then we could have no future (v 16). But God promises to heal, to guide, to restore and to comfort those who humble themselves before him (v 17-18).

Jesus probably drew on these words when he said: 'Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted' (Matthew 5 v 4). Isaiah says God will put praise on the lips of those who mourn (v 19). True praise begins when we recognise God’s great grace towards us in Jesus. And recognising God’s grace begins when we realise how great our sin is. So mourning and praise are inextricably linked in the Christian life.

Take a few moments to reflect on the promise of verse 15. Spend some time mourning over your sins, and then rejoicing in his love. Ask him to revive your spirit today.

Based on an extract taken from Explore Daily Bible Reading Notes.

Posted in Fighting the Monday Feeling The Explore Team|11:39 AM EST|November 14th 2014

Are you ever a bit embarrassed about following Jesus? What is it that makes you feel that way? In his second letter to Timothy, Paul has some words of encouragement:

So do not be ashamed of the testimony about our Lord or of me his prisoner. Rather, join with me in suffering for the gospel, by the power of God. He has saved us and called us to a holy life – not because of anything we have done but because of his own purpose and grace. This grace was given us in Christ Jesus before the beginning of time,  but it has now been revealed through the appearing of our Saviour, Christ Jesus, who has destroyed death and has brought life and immortality to light through the gospel.
(2 Timothy 1 v 9-10)

·      What should Timothy not be ashamed of?

·      What do these verses say about being saved?

·      How has this salvation come to us?

The most amazing thing about being a Christian is that God has deliberately chosen to save us, even though we deserve his punishment and even though it cost his Son everything! If someone gave you a very precious gift, you would want to show and tell everyone—how much more should we be unashamed of the gospel and all who proclaim it! Pray for an opportunity to tell someone about Jesus THIS WEEKEND!

Based on an extract taken from Explore Daily Bible Reading Notes

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