Friday Quiz: The Letter O

Euan Wallace | May 27th 2016

Ready to put your Bible knowledge to the test?... continue reading


Something for the Weekend: 28th May

Euan Wallace | May 27th 2016

Our favourite online things from around the web this week. ... continue reading


Five things to pray for a Christian friend

Rachel Jones | May 26th 2016

It's a beautiful thing to pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ—here's some inspiration!... continue reading


Prayer always makes a difference—even when God says "no"

Anne Woodcock | May 25th 2016

Paul knew what it's like to ask God for something and not get it.... continue reading


What is the gift of prophecy and is it for today?

Tim Chester | May 24th 2016

Many churches are wary of talking about prophecy because it can undermine the authority and sufficiency of the Bible.... continue reading


Rico Tice on Christianity Explored

Rico Tice | May 23rd 2016

"We must come to Jesus not with hands filled with all the things we have done, but with empty hands, ready to receive what God has done."... continue reading


Something for the Weekend: 21st May

Tim Thornborough | May 20th 2016

Loads of great stuff from around the web to keep you occupied this weekend... continue reading


Friday Quiz: The letter N

Rachel Jones | May 20th 2016

Have a go at the 7 questions in this week's Friday quiz then challenge your friends. This week's theme, the letter N... continue reading


If God knows everything and can do anything—why pray?

Anne Woodcock | May 19th 2016

If God knows everything and can do anything—why do we need to pray?... continue reading


The One O’Clock Miracle: Children’s Book of the Year Winner

The Good Book Company | May 18th 2016

We’re delighted to announce that The One O’Clock Miracle by Alison Mitchell and Catalina Echeverri has won the Speaking Volumes Award for the Children’s Book of the Year... continue reading

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