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5 Things to Pray for Your Spouse

Prayers That Change and Strengthen Your Marriage

from 11 reviews

Fresh, biblical ideas to help you pray for your husband or wife.

Part of the 5 Things series.

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A happy and healthy marriage is one of God's sweetest gifts to us. And one of the best ways to nurture that is through the power of prayer.

This guide will help you to pray bold, Scripture-based prayers for your husband or wife that will strengthen and enrich your marriage. It covers 21 prayer themes, with each one including five prayer prompts from a particular passage of Scripture. You'll be equipped to pray deep and effective prayers for your spouse's character and spiritual walk, for your life together as a couple, and through challenging seasons.

You can use this book to help you to pray on your own or as a couple, and it makes a great wedding, anniversary, or Valentines Day gift.

As Nancy Guthrie says in her foreword:
"There is a great deal we can do for our spouses. But there is so much that only God can do, so much that only he can develop, and so much that only he can provide. So we pray. And as we pray instead of worry, pray instead of complain, pray instead of strategize, we find that God is not only doing a work in our spouse; he’s doing a work in us too."

Michael and Melissa Kruger have been married for almost 25 years and have three children. Melissa is the author of another book in this series: 5 Things to Pray for Your Kids.

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  • Introduction
    How to Use This Guide
    Praying that god will…
    Give Grace to My Spouse
    Produce Spiritual Fruit
    Watch over My Spouse
    Praying that we will…
    Love Each Other Well
    Follow God’s Design for Marriage
    Flee Sexual Immorality
    Serve God with Our Gifts
    Open up Our Home to Others
    Honor God with Our Money
    Praying that my spouse will…
    Honor God in Their Labors
    Share Their faith with Others
    Delight in God’s Word
    Be Wise
    Be Joyfully Content
    Praying when we are…
    Suffering Trials
    Experiencing Change, Uncertainty, or Fear
    In Conflict with One Another
    Making a Difficult Decision
    Suffering Illness
    Raising Children
    Celebrating Good News


Contributors Melissa B Kruger, Michael J. Kruger, Nancy Guthrie
ISBN 9781784986629
Format Paperback
First published February 2022
Dimensions 4.3" x 7" x 0.2"
Weight 3.07 oz
Case quantity 50
Language English
Pages 96
Publisher The Good Book Company

Jamie and Aaron Ivey

Aaron is Worship Pastor at The Austin Stone Community Church, Texas; Jamie is a best-selling author and host of The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

Praying for your spouse is one of the greatest gifts we could ever give them. The time spent in the quiet moments petitioning the Father on their behalf is one of the most loving things we could do for each other. This book that Melissa and Michael have put together will become a great guide for your prayer life. Your marriage can be transformed through the power of prayer.

Phillip and Jasmine Holmes

Phillip is owner of Highest Good; Jasmine is author of Mother to Son

Any couple seeking to strengthen their prayer life will breathe a sigh of relief for the clarity, joy, and hope this guide will bring to their prayer life and marriage. I predict that, years from now, couples who use this guide will reference it when asked, ‘What has been key to your healthy marriage?

J.D. Greear

J.D. Greear is the pastor at The Summit Church

My wife Veronica and I have absolutely LOVED these 5 Things… books. We use them as a part of our regular devotional time. They have stimulated our time before the Lord together, keeping our prayers for each other, our church, and our family rooted in the promises of God’s word. The Krugers wed a wealth of Scriptural knowledge to a lifetime of experience and a gift of pastoral application. You’ll be blessed and changed as you use this book.

Customer reviews

Nov. 23, 2022

“Outstanding resource!”

(Review written for '5 Things to Pray for Your Spouse (ebook)')

This book, along with the rest of the series, is a TREMENDOUS tool to guide you in real, Biblical prayer. No more rote repetition!

May 31, 2022

“A Helpful Resource for Married Couples”

5 Things to Pray for Your Spouse by Michael and Melissa Kruger is a short book consisting of prayer prompts derived from various Scripture passages. 5 Things to Pray for Your Spouse is divided into 4 sections each with its own subsections that include multiple prayer prompts. Some of the prompts are for your spouse individually and some are for you as a couple. For example, prompt 5 on page 13 is derived from 1 Corinthians 1:8. It is titled Grace to Persevere and reads, “He will also keep you firm to the end (v 8). The Christian life is not easy. It’s a long race in which we feel tired or even exhausted, and ready to give up. The only way we make it to the finish line is by God’s grace (Hebrews 12 v 1-2). Pray that God would grant endurance and perseverance to your spouse so that they may run the Christian race with joy and faithfulness and not give in to despair and discouragement.”

I really like the way this and the other 5 Things to Pray books are set up. The book is filled with Scripture and offers a very brief commentary on the verse provided and ties the verse into the prayer prompt. 5 Things to Pray for Your Spouse has been a sweet blessing to my marriage. Only in recent years have I learned the importance of praying for my husband and praying for him faithfully has produced sweet fruit. We are currently in a season with a newborn and two other young children and with taking care of them, I haven’t felt that I have much to contribute to my marriage. 5 Things to Pray for Your Spouse has been a huge help in that it’s directed me to the Word and helped me think of things to pray for that I probably wouldn’t have thought of on my own. I’m really thankful for this incredibly helpful resource and I’m pleased to give it my highest recommendation.

I received 5 Things to Pray for Your Spouse compliments of The Good Book Company in exchange for my honest review.

April 25, 2022

“This will ultimately change the way you pray for and with your spouse”

A happy and godly marriage is one of the greatest gifts one can receive from God. I have been married to my beloved wife for about a year now, and I can honestly say that it is one of the best things that ever happened to my life. It is a roller coaster ride of love, joy, laughter, patience, and sometimes tears, and sadness. Over the years of our relationship and months of being married, there is one thing that my wife and I can attest to: prayer makes any relationship strong.

In 5 Things to Pray For Your Spouse, Michael and Melissa Kruger give us a guide to help us pray for our spouse in 21 different areas and situations of life. For each of the 21 areas, there are five different things to pray so you can use this book in a variety of ways. You can pray through a set of "five things" each day over a course of three weeks and then start again. You can also take one of the prayer themes for the week and pray one point every day. Or you can dip in and out of it, as and when you want and need to pray for a particular aspect of family life.

What I love most about this booklet is that each prayer point is supported with a Scripture passage so you can actually use it as a Bible study guide at the same time. Each page also includes a space where you can write names, concerns, or prayer items.

5 Things to Pray For Your Spouse gave me two realizations: I am not praying with my wife enough, and I am not praying for my wife deep enough. This small book is a powerful tool for boosting prayer in your marriage. Whether you are newly-weds or married for decades, you will surely find this guide helpful and will ultimately change the way you pray for and with your spouse.

April 5, 2022

“A Very Helpful Book”

I love the 5 things to pray for series and I am so glad that there is now a 5 Things To Pray For Your Spouse addition to the series and like the others it takes the same format. In each section you are given a theme/passage from the Bible and then 5 things to pray for your spouse inspired by the verses in the given passage. That is what I love so much about this book is that it helps you to pray using God's word for your spouse. The book is also very helpful as it gives you a how to use guide at the beginning where it gives you the following options:

* You can pray through a set of "five things" each day, over the course of three weeks, and then start again.

* You can take one of the prayer themes for the week and pray one point every day from Monday to Friday.

* Or you can dip in and out of it, as and when you want and need to pray for a particular aspect of family life.

* There's also a space on each page for you to write in the names of specific situations, concerns, or children that you intend to remember in prayer.

"Each prayer suggestion is based on a passage in the Bible, so you can be confident as you use this guide that you are praying great prayers - prayers that God wants you to pray, because they're based on His word."

If you are wanting help in praying scripture for your spouse then I recommend this book.

March 21, 2022

“A powerful prayer tool for your marriage”

Of course we pray for our spouses but how specific do we get? What scriptures are we clinging to for them, for our marriage? Sometimes it can be hard to know where to start.

This little book is so helpful in taking the guesswork out of praying for your spouse.

It covers 21 prayer themes, with each one including five prayer prompts from a particular passage of Scripture. There is even space to write out your prayers (but you could also put your prayers on flash cards then hole punch them and place them on a binder ring)

The prayers include so many different areas such as: spiritual maturity, finances, our work and facing trials and celebrating triumphs together.

You can implement this into your own devotional time or during prayer time with your spouse.

Do you know a couple getting married soon? This would make the perfect gift for a wedding or bridal shower!

I received a copy of this book from The Good Book Company in exchange for an honest review.

March 12, 2022

“Awesome prayer book”

(Review written for '5 Things to Pray for Your Spouse (ebook)')

A good starter to praying for your partner.

March 8, 2022

“The Privilege of Prayer”

Is it possible to pray with your spouse? In 5 Things to Pray for Your Spouse, Melissa B. Kruger and Michael J. Kruger share prayers that change and strengthen your marriage.

Soak Your Prayers in Scripture

After an introduction by Nancy Guthrie, this book provides 21 topics for you and your spouse to pray through together. Each topic has five prayers, including a short explanation and accompanying verse.

What I loved most about this book is that it soaks your prayers in Scripture. I hope to pray more Biblical prayers, and this book is a great help to give me words that reflect God’s Word.

Different Life Stages and Circumstances

This book has prayers that are broad and applicable for different life stages and circumstances. The book does not take for granted that your spouse is saved, so the first prayer is for faith to believe. This sensitivity is characteristic for the other prayers as well, including sections on conflict, suffering, and experiencing change.

I was most interested in the chapter on praying that we would flee sexual immorality. Taking inspiration from 1 Corinthians 6:13-20, you are prompted to pray that you would avoid sexual sin, honor the Lord, trust the Lord, remember your union, and flee sexual immorality.

The Privilege of Prayer

The book ends with a section on celebrating good news together, and I was reminded of what a privilege it is to pray. Even more so, I was encouraged to come to the Lord together. Alongside my spouse, we can pray without ceasing.

I received a media copy of 5 Things to Pray for Your Spouse and this is my honest review.

Feb. 27, 2022

“The portable, Bible Based prayer guide for couples!”

This is a portable praying guide that can help couples pray specific prayers for each other. I call it the handy prayer guide for couples! It is Bible based which is very important and covers several different areas such as Decision making, bearing fruits of the spirit, Finances and more. If you’re looking to pray for your spouse and need direction, this will definitely help and you can toss it in your pocket or purse and bring it out in the bus, train or anywhere else and pray on the go!

Feb. 17, 2022

“Great Resource”

This is the next book in the 5 Things To Pray series. There are eleven other books including kids, church, city, and parents. It's a small pocket book that can be easily carried around and used a reference when needed.

The book is structured with an introduction and four parts:

- Praying That God Will

- Praying That We Will

- Praying That My Spouse Will

- Praying When We Are

The Krugers begin the book by providing several options for how to use the book in the most efficient and effective way. Each part includes multiple chapters that address specific issues that can often arise within marriages. Examples: God will give grace to my spouse; we will love each other well; my spouse will honor God in their labors; when we are suffering trials.

Each chapter is formatted identically:

- Scripture Reference

- Prayer Points: provides brief section to write specific prayers

- Five Points: five different ways to pray alongside the Scripture through the specific issue addressed in that chapter

This was a fun book to read through. It was convicting to see how often we fail to pray for our spouses but also how much need there is to pray for them. The Krugers kept scripture as the source for every prayer point.

I received a copy of this book from The Good Book Company in exchange for an honest review.

Feb. 12, 2022

“An Encouraging and Challenging Read”

I love this series of books, helping to encourage my devotional time and focus my prayers around specific people and topics. This little book helped me to deepen my prayer commitment to my wife, teaching me what Christ-centred prayers look like for her. I don't know about you, but sometimes my prayers become repetitive and focused on what I want rather than what would glorify God. The Krugers book was SO helpful in challenging that focus.

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5 Things to Pray for Your Spouse | Melissa B Kruger, Michael J. Kruger, Nancy Guthrie |
$7.99 $6.79