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Are you ready to rethink evangelism?

Avery Powers | January 13th 2022

In an anxiety-saturated world, it's critical that we effectively reach people with the hope of Christ. Hope Explored is a 3-session program that looks at the real hope found in Luke's gospel. ... continue reading



Outreach and Evangelism

10 Bible Verses About Family

Chelsea Stanley | January 11th 2022

When we brought our first son home from the hospital, my husband and I couldn’t get over how the doctors and nurses had just sent us on our way with a newborn. We felt like babies ourselves, but they had entrusted a tiny person to our care without any sort of instruction manual.... continue reading

Why Your Pastor Needs Encouragement Now and How to Help

Andrew Roycroft | January 8th 2022

In 21+yrs of pastoral ministry, I have never spoken to so many weary colleagues. This isn’t the normal tiredness arising from the rigours of ministry life but is genuinely concerning spiritual fatigue.

 ... continue reading

A Sneak Peak at Books to Come in 2022

Avery Powers | January 6th 2022

We had so much fun sharing our books from 2021 with you, and we’re especially excited to introduce a few upcoming titles in 2022! Read on for some of the new releases you can expect this year, and what we think you’ll love about each one.... continue reading

Is Reconciliation Possible?

Wendy Alsup | January 4th 2022

“I forgive you.” These are simple words, but hard ones. Perhaps they are words you just can’t bring yourself to say. Has someone harmed you so deeply you cannot imagine releasing them of their debt to you? Or perhaps these are words you long to hear. Have you harmed a loved one? Does restoring the relationship seem impossible?... continue reading

2 Pitfalls to Avoid In Your Daily Bible Reading

Alistair Begg | December 30th 2021

“All Scripture is breathed out by God,” Paul famously wrote to Timothy (2 Timothy 3:16). The Bible is not a human product infused with divinity; it’s a divine gift produced through human instrumentality. Its every book, chapter, sentence, and syllable was originally given by God’s inspiration.... continue reading

Why Do So Many Christians Stumble?

Miguel Núñez | December 28th 2021

Over recent years we have witnessed the fall of a significant number of church leaders from many different backgrounds. The reasons have varied from one case to another, but often there have been issues of illicit sexuality, mishandling of finances, abuse of power and authority, and substance abuse, among a few others.

 ... continue reading

Staff Picks of the Year: What We Loved Reading in 2021

Michael Page | December 23rd 2021

We are all about books here at The Good Book Company. Books that serve Christians of all ages by being biblical, relevant and accessible. We also, from time to time, read books from other publishers too (I know, shocking).

 ... continue reading

An Antidote for Anxiety

Alistair Begg | December 21st 2021

If I told you to write down all that you’ve been anxious about this week, or even today, I imagine you would have a substantial list. I know I would. And yet the word of God says to us, “Do not be anxious about anything.” How, then, are we to respond when we find ourselves feeling choked in a battle with anxiety?... continue reading

2021 Book Awards

Bethany McIlrath | December 18th 2021

We’re so grateful to God for our team, authors, partners and customers. It’s amazing to get to serve alongside so many brothers and sisters in Christ to the glory of God, whether the books we’re sharing are teaching kids about prayer, offering healing hope for the fatherless, or strengthening adults to stand firm in the faith. 

This year, we’re also giving thanks for several awards received in 2021. Will you celebrate with us?... continue reading


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