An Open Letter to Pastors and Ministry Leaders During This Strange Season

Abigail Talbott | September 30th 2020

Pastor appreciation month is this month, and in light of that, we want you all to know 3 things. Please read this thank you letter and encouragement from our Ministry Partners Organizer, who has the privilege of coming alongside you as you serve. ... continue reading


4 Surprising Ways to Cheer Your Covid-stressed Pastor

Christopher Ash | September 29th 2020

Pastor after pastor says they are struggling to hold a church together in unity. Just as responses to the pandemic divide society deeply, so they divide churches, sometimes bitterly, with some really keen to be braver and more adventurous (within the government rules) and others desperately cautious.... continue reading


Is Christian Meditation Different Than Typical Mindfulness Practices?

Linda Allcock | September 24th 2020

Most of us would like to take a break from the stream of negative voices in our minds. My friend and millions of others claim that they’re able to do that by practising mindfulness. In recent years there’s been an explosion of books, apps, colouring books and even recipe kits claiming to help people become more mindful. So what exactly is this trend, and where has it come from?... continue reading


Help for Stagnant Hearts

Linda Allcock | September 22nd 2020

Change really happens as we articulate one truth that we’ve learned, and store up the truth in our hearts. We’re quick to put in the effort to help our kids learn maths equations to pass exams. Exams that in the end got cancelled, but do we ever invest even a fraction of that effort into learning treasure that is of eternal value?... continue reading


On the Podcast with Adam Mabry: Overcoming Tribal Instincts

Adam Mabry | September 18th 2020

In this episode we talk to Adam Mabry about his new book Stop Taking Sides.... continue reading


Sovereignty vs Responsibility? It’s both/and…

Adam Mabry | September 17th 2020

A brief scan of the comments section of a Christian website or a YouTube video will give you abundant proof that believing right doctrine— in this case, that God is sovereign over human affairs—is no guarantee of love. Knowledge puffs up (1 Corinthians 8 v 1), especially knowledge about God. Anyone who increases in knowledge risks arrogance—a risk multiplied when the subject is God.... continue reading


Loving “The Other Side” During Election Season

Adam Mabry | September 15th 2020

If, like me, you often feel tempted to take sides, take heart. In a world of complexity, we all long for simple answers to hard questions. Like me, you probably feel a lot of pressure to choose your team—to be either this or that— and it’s difficult to resist the herd impulse. Resisting that urge to take sides is difficult, and downright humbling. But that’s part of the point.... continue reading


Facing Our Weakness Through Experiences Like Miscarriage

Abbey Wedgeworth | September 10th 2020

Miscarriage, like many types of loss and suffering, brings us face to face with our limits. Perhaps you’ve experienced your physical limitations as you suffer weakness from blood loss or the woozy effects of anesthesia. Maybe it’s been presented in the pain of cramping as your uterus shrinks back to normal size.... continue reading


Why and How to Pray While You’re Grieving

Abbey Wedgeworth | September 8th 2020

Suffering, like miscarriage, finds us in that space of ungranted petitions, where cynicism tempts us to cease to pray altogether, whispering that God doesn’t care or that praying doesn’t make a difference. But in the example of our Savior we see that prayer is anything but pointless.... continue reading


On the Podcast with Amy Orr-Ewing

Amy Orr Ewing | September 4th 2020

The existence of pain and suffering is one of the most common objections against the God of the bible.... continue reading

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