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On the Podcast with Richard Coekin: Finding Courage From the Witnesses of Hebrews 11

Richard Coekin | June 11th 2021

In this episode we discuss the extraordinary chapter of Hebrews 11.... continue reading


Christians Are Not Called to be Chameleons

Richard Coekin | June 10th 2021

Christians should not be hiding their faith. We should not become spiritual chameleons: desperately trying to fit into the culture of this world to remain camouflaged and safe from predators who might expose and condemn our faith. But many of us are under immense pressure to do just that.... continue reading

We Need to Hear the Crowd

Richard Coekin | June 8th 2021

The London Marathon serves as a metaphor for the Christian life. For, while it’s an incredible privilege to know God through Jesus, Christians get weary, face opposition and feel discouraged. We certainly want the everlasting satisfaction, triumph and joy of the finish line in heaven.... continue reading

On the Podcast with Tony Merida: How to Love Your Church

Tony Merida | June 4th 2021

God calls us to be "devoted to one another in love" (Romans 12:10). What does this look like for us today?... continue reading


4 Reasons We Church Hop, Shop, or Quit

Tony Merida | June 3rd 2021

Why is belonging to a church such a challenge? As Christians, we need to overcome at least four obstacles to live out the biblical vision of a gospel-centered, Spirit-filled community in the church... continue reading

How to Talk About Church with Your Church

Tony Merida | June 1st 2021

I have the privilege of talking with pastors from around the world on a weekly basis. Every context is dealing with Covid differently, but very many pastors have described to me the need to “re-launch” or “re-boot” their churches. After so many months of restrictions on church gatherings, they want to call people to re-engage. In my own context, too, we’re preparing to do a sermon series on the local church which will explore what the church really is—and emphasize its glory.... continue reading

On the Podcast with Sam Allberry, Trevin Wax and Brett McCracken: Sexuality and our Post-Christian Culture

Sam Allberry | May 28th 2021

Sam Allberry discusses how we can engage biblically and thoughtfully with the culture around us.... continue reading


5 Things to Pray for Your Parents When They’re Feeling Lonely

Chelsea Stanley | May 27th 2021

If you’re an adult child, chances are that your parents may be among those who are feeling the ache of loneliness right now. There are lots of ways to come alongside them and help them feel less lonely—calling them regularly, sending a note, and dropping off a meal can be tangible expressions of love for sure. But there are times when even our kindest gestures can’t fill the void of loneliness, and the best thing we can do for our parents is to turn to the only one who can.... continue reading

Love your Local Church

James Burstow | May 26th 2021

Many of us have been blessed by books, podcasts, livestreams and youtube videos over the past year, not to mention virtual meetings and catch ups via video conferencing platforms and encouragements on social media. But the Bible is clear that being a committed member of a local church is the best way to be encouraged and challenged, as well as to serve others and be a witness to friends and neighbours in our community.... continue reading

Praying That God Will Bring My Parents Joy

Chelsea Stanley | May 25th 2021

This is an extract from 5 Things to Pray for Your Parents by Chelsea Stanley to help you pray for your parents, that they would find their joy in our everlasting God rather than the temporary things of this world. Below are five prayer prompts based on Psalm 16 v 8-11.... continue reading

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