5 Insider Tips for Using Our Freebies With Your Family

Bethany McIlrath | September 14th 2023

Free stuff alert!

We offer free extras with many of our resources. Why? Because it's fun and because our authors and readers often have great ideas for materials that help reinforce the messages of books. Some of our most popular freebies are coloring sheets, craft templates, and extra downloads of content within books.

Here are some insider tips on how to use these types of freebies to help kids interact with the truth of God's word after reading our books. 

1. Print Copies of Family Devotional Activities for Each Child

If you have multiple kids in your family, it's not necessary to buy each one a family devotional in order for them to participate in Bible time. We offer the activity sheets from family devotionals such as A Jesus Christmas and Any Time, Any Place, Any Prayer Family Bible Devotional online for free so you can print extra copies. Then everyone can participate!

2. Help Tactile Learners to Concentrate with Coloring Sheets While You Read

Many kids have an easier time focusing if their hands are busy. Giving kids one of our free coloring sheets (or even a whole Coloring and Activity book) to use while you read a related story out loud can help them to concentrate and associate Bible-story read-alouds with fun activities. For an example, check out this free coloring sheet that goes with The Garden, the Curtain and the Cross.

3. Invite Kids to Retell You the Story While They Create a Related Craft

One of the best ways to help a child (or an adult for that matter) to really think about a story is to ask them to retell it to you. If they retell the story to you while working on a craft, they've got something tactile jogging their memory. Later, when they see a finished craft like this rainbow from Seek and Find: Old Testament displayed somewhere at home or in a classroom, it may prompt them to recall the story again to themselves.

4. Use Worksheets to Reinforce and Build On What Kids Have Learned

As a combination of drawing, retelling, and answering questions, the worksheets we make for each of the biography books in the Do Great Things for God series help kids to remember and build on the stories they learn. They are great for helping kids understand more about missions work, or for use in a homeschool setting.

5. Follow a Free Lesson Plan or Use the Forever Party Kit to Create an Experience Around a Concept

If you'd like to go all-in on creating an experience around one of our storybooks, we've created a plan for you for several resources. The free lesson plans developed for many of the books in the Tales That Tell the Truth series include ideas for games, crafts, prayer and more. For The Super Awesome Fantastic Forever Party, we've created a Forever Party Kit to help you create a memory that gets kids excited about what's to come with Jesus. 

Browse all of our free resources here, including free small-group kits for adults.

Bethany McIlrath

Bethany McIlrath loves to get lost in a book and to help others discover their next read in her marketing role at The Good Book Company. When she's not reading stories, she's usually writing them or dreaming about them as she comes up with real-life creative adventures for friends, her husband, and a doorbell-like dog named Indy. Serving in children's ministry is also one of her greatest joys.

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