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From now on... (ebook)

From now on... ebook

First steps for new Christians

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A short booklet for new Christians to help them understand what it means to follow Jesus Christ.


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What does it mean to be a follower of Jesus Christ—a Christian?

You may have just started out on the Christian life and have many questions whirling around your mind.

Or you may still be wondering what being a believer will involve for you.

In this short booklet, you will discover helpful answers, practical advice and sound wisdom and guidance for the journey ahead.

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  • Introduction
    1. Jesus died for you
    2. Jesus rose from the dead for you
    3. Jesus is your Leader in heaven
    4. Jesus is your Savior in heaven
    5. Repentance and forgiveness is a way of live
    6. God has given the Holy Spirit to you
    7. We are witnesses to these things
    8. We… are part of a family


Contributors Chris Green
ISBN 9781784983581
Format eBook
First published June 2018
Language English
Publisher The Good Book Company
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Dec. 9, 2020

“Print is not reader friendly.”

(Review written for 'From now on...')

Good content but not reader friendly at all. The print is too small. Could it be made available as a larger booklet with clearer, larger font please? (I don’t mean large print)

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