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Why did Jesus have to die?

and other questions about the cross of Christ and its meaning for us today

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Explains clearly and simply what the Bible, and Jesus himself, says about the cross, and what it means for us today.

Part of the Questions Christians Ask series.

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Our culture ignores it. Many within the church seem to be almost embarrassed by it. Many others understand that the cross of Christ is at the very heart of Christian faith and life.

This short, readable book explains clearly and simply what the Bible, and Jesus himself, says about the cross, and how Christians should understand it today.

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  • Introduction
    1. Why do we need the cross?
    2. What happened on the cross?
    3. Why did Jesus have to suffer?
    4. What did the cross achieve?
    5. What response does the cross demand?

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Contributors Marcus Nodder
ISBN 9781909919013
Format Paperback
First published February 2014
Dimensions 4.3" x 7" x 0.3"
Weight 2.86 oz
Print size 9.0pt
Case quantity 140
Language English
Pages 96
Publisher The Good Book Company

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Justin Mote

Chairman of the North West Gospel Partnership

I loved this book! It is short, readable and very clear. None of the questions Christians tend to ask about the cross are ducked and are answered with both  Old Testament background and New Testament fulfilment. This book is a gem and I will be buying copies to pass on to others.

David Jackman

Past President, the Proclamation Trust

Accessible, readable and crystal clear …  this excellent treatment of the cross provides Biblical explanation, contemporary illustration and spiritual nourishment for every reader.  It is particularly valuable in dealing with common misunderstandings and objections. Buy it, read it and give it away!

David Peterson

former principal Oak Hill Theological College

Christians should never tire of thinking about the cross of Christ and its many implications. Marcus Nodder will stimulate you to understand and appreciate the big issues as they are presented in Scripture and have been debated by believers throughout the ages. His careful attention to detail is matched by an easy and persuasive style of writing, making this a helpful book for personal reading or group study.

Independent reviews

Why did Jesus have to die?

Dave McDonald, Macarisms, Aug. 16, 2014

One of the things I especially appreciated about this book is the clarity and simplicity of illustrations helping us to grasp the significance of Jesus’ death. Nodder uses stories, images, and ideas to help us understand the importance of the cross. For some, like myself, who’ve heard about the death of Jesus again and again, this book will offer you a fresh insight into the absolute heart of God’s love. It’s only 92 pages long—so do yourself a favour, pick it up and read it.... continue reading

Customer reviews

June 12, 2020

“Free Book”

This FREE book has helped me see the cross in new light. I am now more informed to share the gospel message of Christ crucified to my non-christian friends, family and neighbours. Thank you Good Book Company!

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Why did Jesus have to die? | Marcus Nodder |
$7.99 $6.79