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Dream Small (audiobook)

Dream Small (audiobook)

The Secret Power of the Ordinary Christian Life

Find your self-worth and contentment in Christ and live out his plan for your life.

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We are all looking for significance and meaning in our lives. The world tells us that this comes from dreaming big, achieving personal success, and making a big impact. But the Bible says that self-worth is found in knowing our Creator, and contentment is found in discovering his purpose for our lives.

This book reminds us that when we know Jesus, we are free from the world’s definition of success. We can listen to God’s word and direct our dreams towards the things that he says matter most, even if they are small and unimpressive in the world’s eyes.

Celebrate the dreams God has for us: serving others, investing in individuals, and living faithfully. Although these things seem small, their impact will be bigger, and their rewards will be better, than anything we could dream for ourselves.

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  • Chapter 1: Big Dreams, Big Frustrations
    Chapter 2: It’s a Small World After All
    Chapter 3: Size Matters Not
    Chapter 4: A Small Part, a Big Story
    Chapter 5: The Upside-Down Ladder
    Chapter 6: Small People, Big Value
    Chapter 7: Big Dreams Need a Small Foundation
    Chapter 8: Small Choices, Big Changes
    Chapter 9: Small Dreams, Big Rewards


Contributors Seth Lewis
ISBN 9781802540932
Format Audiobook
Case quantity 50
Language English
Publisher The Good Book Company
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