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An ebook is a book made available in digital form, consisting of both text and images, readable on the flat-panel display of computers or other electronic devices, such as Kindles, tablets and mobile phones.

The Good Book Company offers most of its books as ebooks and you can purchase them directly from this website. Upon purchase, we will provide you with a link to download either the MOBI file (for Kindles) or the EPUB file (for all other devices).

How to read your ebook

To open an ebook file to read it, you will need an ebook reading application on your device or computer. We recommend the following free ebook reading apps.

To use one, install the app, download your ebook, and then open the ebook in your reading app.

Reading your ebook on a computer (PC or Mac)

You will need an ebook reading application on your device or computer in order to open your ebook. We recommend some ebook reading apps below. Install an app, download your ebook, and then open the ebook in your reading app.

Reading your ebook on an iPhone, iPad, iMac, Macbook (iOS)

  • Click on the download link for the EPUB file and select “Open in iBooks”.
  • If you are using an iMac or MacBook and don’t receive an “Open in iBooks” prompt, save the EPUB file locally to your computer, and then open your ebook in the iBooks app.
  • If you are using the Mail or Gmail app on an iPhone or iPad and don’t receive an “Open in iBooks” prompt, you will need to open the link in Safari (or another browser), and then select “Open in iBooks”.
  • If you still don’t receive an “Open in iBooks” prompt, save the EPUB file locally to your computer, and then open your ebook in the iBooks app. Connect your device to the computer with a USB cable. Open the iTunes app on your computer, and sync your device with iTunes. Your ebook will now be available in the iBooks app on your device.
  • To read the book on another iOS device, you can use Sync Collections in iBooks. Download the iBooks app for free. For further support with iBooks, please see Apple's support documentation.
  • iPhone and iPad video walk-through
  • Macbook video walk-through

Reading your ebook on Android phones and devices

Download the EPUB file and open your eBook your chosen eBook reading application.

The most popular eBook reading apps for Android include:

It is also possible to read the MOBI file with the Amazon Kindle app for Android.

Reading your ebook on an Amazon Kindle

There are three ways to get your MOBI file onto your Kindle device.

  1. Email it to yourself: The simplest way is if you're using a mobile device.
    • Just attach the mobi file to an email and send it to yourself.
    • Then open the email in your email app on your device and tap on the attached mobi file.
    • The file should then bring up an action menu where you'll be prompted to open it in the Kindle app.
  2. Transfer the file to the Kindle using a computer and a USB cable
    • save the MOBI file locally to your computer:
      • connect the Kindle with a USB cable
      • open a file explorer (Finder, File Manager or Windows Explorer) (you should see a new device on the left called something like 'Kindle')
      • copy your MOBI file into a folder called ‘My Files’ or ‘Documents’ folder
      • eject your device
    • now browse to the library on your Kindle and you should see your new ebook in your collection and be able to begin reading.
  3. Use Amazon's Personal Document service. Amazon gives each Kindle device a personal email address, ending with You can use that email address to deliver your new ebook direct to your device. No plugging in cables and copying files.
    • Log into your Amazon account,
    • From Your Account, select Manage Your Content and Devices
    • Click on "Devices"
    • Scroll down to Personal Document Settings and you should see a list of your registered devices with their corresponding email address.
    • Send an email to that address, including the mobi file, then it will appear in your Kindle after a short processing time.
    You might need to add your email address to the Approved Addresses list before this option will work for you.

For further support with your Kindle, please see Amazon's support documentation.

Reading your ebook on Google Play

Google Play Books is a good place to read EPUB documents. You may find it easier to upload files to your library from a computer, rather than from a device.

  1. Go to Google Play Books.
  2. Login and click 'My Books'.
  3. Near the top right of your screen, click Upload files.
  4. Find the EPUB file you want to upload and click Select.
  5. Files will appear in your library under 'All Books, 'My Books' and/or 'Uploads'.
  6. You can now start reading your ebook.

To read your ebook on another device, simply login to the same Google account on that device, and then open Google Play Books.

Your license

All ebooks from The Good Book Company are subject to the terms of a single-user licence, which grants you (or the intended recipient) an individual licence to read the ebook. You are not permitted to share the ebook you have purchased with another individual, or upload it to any website or file-sharing network, or in any other way to distribute it or make it available for distribution. You own the file once you have downloaded it, and you can use it on any of your devices in perpetuity. Please contact us if you have any questions about the licence or what it entails.

Still having problems?

While we’ve tried to make the above process as clear as possible, we know that sometimes it’s tricky to access ebooks, so if you're still having problems, while we’re not technical experts on your particular device, please contact us and we’ll do our best to help.