Engaging with Atheists (audiobook)

Engaging with Atheists (audiobook)

Understanding their world; sharing good news

An introduction to what atheists believe and how Christians can reach out to them with the gospel

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Many Christians are fearful of engaging in conversation with atheists—believing that they will be hostile to Christian beliefs and conversations about the Bible. How can we share God's love with people who don't even believe he's there?!

This short book is designed to help both Christians and whole churches understand more about the questions and issues that atheists of various kinds have about Christian faith, and to reach out to them with the good news of the gospel.

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  • 1. Who are the atheists?
  • 2. Beliefs and practices
  • 3. Engaging personally
  • 4. Engaging with the gospel
  • 5. Engaging with the Bible
  • 6. How can a church engage?
  • 7. Conclusion and resources


Contributors David Robertson
Format Audiobook
Language English
Publisher The Good Book Company

Dr J. Scott Bridger

Director of the Jenkins Center for the Christian Understanding of Islam

For some time now there has been a desperate need for a practical guide to assist Western pastors and church leaders in equipping their congregations for effective ministry among their Muslim neighbors. Filled with helpful illustrations, conversion stories, and questions for further reflection, Engaging with Muslims is the place to begin for those who are serious both about understanding their Muslim neighbors and reaching them with the gospel.

Kevin Ezell

President, North American Mission Board

With the world coming to the doorsteps of North America, we no longer must cross oceans to tell Muslims about Jesus. They are beside us at work, school and in our neighborhoods. John Klaassen’s book provides practical, biblical and compassionate wisdom on sharing the gospel with our Muslim friends. I pray that God will use this book to help Christians develop friendships with Muslims that will lead to opportunities to share Jesus.

Dr. J. D. Payne

Pastor of Church Multiplication, The Church at Brook Hills, Birmingham, AL

Engaging with Muslims is an excellent work that is easy to read, understand, and apply to life. As a pastor, I am always looking for such resources to recommend to my church when it comes to making disciples of all nations. Klaassen does an outstanding job of providing a brief, highly practical, one-stop-shop on how we should view, understand, and minister to the Muslims around us. A wonderful resource for your church!

Independent reviews

Engaging with Muslims

Erik Raymond, The Gospel Coalition, June 4th 2015

Acknowledging the xenophobia, cultural distance, and religious ignorance that exists, John Klaassen aims to help Christians and whole churches understand more about the variety of Muslims living in the West, and to reach out to them with the gospel.... continue reading

EQUIP Shorts - Engaging with Muslims

Katie Stringer, Equip Book Club, July 12th 2016

Reading it reminded me of the joy of making a new friend and the good news of Jesus' gospel that we have to share.... continue reading

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